Aptar Beauty + Home Delivers Optimal Tool for Surface Cleaning

In 2015, the global market for the ‘surface cleaning’ category was estimated at $20.2bn according to Euromonitor International, with the sub-category of ‘multi-purpose cleaners’ contributing to one-third of the market estimate. Aptar studied consumer behavior to understand this market and to deliver a solution based upon consumers’ need for convenience and control in their cleaning regime.

Multi-purpose cleaners offer consumers a faster and easier cleaning routine without sacrificing cleanliness.  Although these cleaners can decrease the overall amount of products consumers use to clean their homes, they still have to use multiple package platforms because there is no single product that can reach all cleaning areas – until now.

Runway Trigger + Bag On Valve (BOV) = Optimal Cleaning Tool

The aerosol platform provides continuous delivery of product and coupled with our bag on valve (BOV) technology, we can offer pure product delivery at any angle.  But top it with Runway, the newest pressurized packaging trigger from Aptar, and you have the optimal cleaning tool.  With its patented dual actuation, it gives the consumers a dispensing choice in their cleaning regime.  Actuate with the finger on top to deliver product for short applications, or as a trigger for longer applications.

Imagine needing only one product and package to clean an entire bathroom.  Actuate as a traditional button for short bursts for cleaning your mirror. Next, switch to the trigger and spray the entire sink and surrounding counter area.  Lastly, use Runway with Aptar’s BOV technology for toilet cleaning, easily reaching under the rim and sides due to the 360 degree actuation. The entire bathroom can be cleaned without ever having to stop and change cleaners or packages.  Truly one product does it all.

A  fast and easy experience that puts the consumer in control of their cleaning.

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.

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