Aptar and Fred Farrugia, a New Beauty Collaboration

Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to announce a new collaboration with Fred Farrugia, an internationally renowned make-up artist.

For the first time in the packaging industry, this unprecedented collaboration is about to reset the codes of color cosmetics world. The shared goal at the root of the collaboration is to reinvent the segment so that formulas, packaging and makeup gestures come together in perfect harmony.

Very early on, Fred Farrugia knew he was destined for the beauty world. With his innate sense of color and his distinct creative vision, he collaborated with some of the most renowned photographers, including Peter Lindbergh, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Jean-Paul Goude before meeting Jean Paul Gaultier and working with him on his first ever Haute Couture show.

In 1997, Lancôme discovered him, and for eight years, he was in charge of creating the house’s makeup products as its artistic director. He was the brains behind the famous Juicy Tube, the first lip gloss ever to be packaged in a tube and still on the market to this day. A true packaging revolution at the time, this iconic product set the tone for his ongoing passion for design and the essential relationship between the product and its packaging. Based on his experience, in 2004 Fred Farrugia decided to create his eponymous brand. After five years in development, he launched a portable palette that could be personalized and was designed by Ora Ito and made up of modules to be combined and clipped together. The mix-and-match collection was composed of foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lip products to be applied with either a brush, a sponge or fingertips thanks to their adaptable textures. His aim was to liberate women’s beauty routines, making it easier and more instinctive to use makeup. This high-end concept that combined innovation, aesthetics and ergonomics was an instant hit with the media, consumers and professionals alike.

Aptar Beauty + Home and Fred Farrugia have combined their know-how and creativity to offer products that are both innovative and instinctive, mixing creative freedom and quality.

We invite you to watch the video below which highlights this important collaboration.

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.