Xiangwei Gong Named “International Pioneering Professional Manager” at Chinese Economy Annual Summit

The 2019 Chinese Economy Annual Summit was held at the Media Center, Beijing, China on November 17. The summit, co-organized by Economy Magazine and China Business Herald News Weekly, attracted over 400 participants including economists, scholars, entrepreneurs, government officials and media professionals.

During the Summit, Aptar was awarded the “Excellent Foreign Enterprise for Facilitating Chinese Economic Development”, and Xiangwei Gong, President of Aptar Asia, was named “International Pioneering Professional Manager”. This nomination was recommended by Ms. Li Li, the vice-chief editor of the foreign business section of Economy Magazine.  Li Li recently wrote about Aptar’s presence and investments  in China and the region, Aptar’s diverse and inclusive culture, our commitment to technology and product innovation, as well as our social responsibility initiatives.

Xiangwei Gong, together with Xin Yao, Vice President & General Manager of Pharma, Greater China, received the award on behalf of Aptar.