Aptar Opens its Newest Facility in Hyderabad, India

2020 saw the beginning of a new era in the chapter of Aptar Beauty +Home in India as Aptar opened the doors of a new manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India. As a leading, global packaging solutions provider, Aptar began its journey towards operational excellence in January 2019, when the company decided to expand its footprint in Hyderabad to support the ever-growing need of India packaging market. “Developing and opening this facility in 11 months’ time was due to the tremendous support from our customer and  supplier base,” highlighted Mr. Kanwal Tikoo – President India & Southeast Asia, Aptar.

Located within the landscape of Hyderabad, the new state-of-the-art facility is focused on operational excellence and quality assurance.

Sri B Rajagopala Rao,  Director of Factories, Hyderabad and Mr. Darshan Patel, Chairman, Vini Cosmetics, inaugurated the new facility. The event was presided over by Stephan Tanda, Aptar President and CEO and Shiela Vinczeller, Chief Human Resources Officer. The Aptar family was elated with the presence of over 100 of Aptar customer and suppliers.

While Mr. Rao emphasized importance of safety and to a cheering crowd, Mr. Darshan Patel shared his decade long experience with Aptar highlighting the Aptar spirit of adaptability and commitment to respond to dynamic market needs.

“We are committed to Asia and will continue investing in geographies like India,” said Stephan Tanda. He further elaborated, “India is a key example of our focus on ‘Think Local, Leverage Global’ philosophy.”

Kanwal Tikoo echoed the sentiments of Stephan in his closing remarks. He further specified the importance of a strengthened operational backbone to support the agility and optimization need of the market.

The event was also an opportunity for customers and partners to witness Aptar’s operations first-hand. “Aptar is truly global,” was an overwhelming statement as the Aptar team was recognized for its agility by its customers, suppliers and partners in business.

The event concluded with a demonstration of Aptar’s commitment towards its purpose of improving the everyday life of people as they planted over 100 trees to serve the environment and society at large.