Video: Aptar Beauty + Home Event Brings Together Prestige Fragrance Brands for the Launch of Note

On October 16, Aptar Beauty + Home hosted an event for fragrance brand marketing professionals, leading fragrances houses and trend-setters within the luxury packaging industry. More than fifty people gathered to learn about Aptar’s Note, a dispensing system inspired by the elegant glass stopper perfuming gesture, including representatives from twenty-four prestige fragrance brands and three leading fragrance companies.

During the event, customers had the opportunity to attend a multi-expertise presentation given by Sabine Bouillet-Lubot, Strategic Marketing Manager for Fragrance at Aptar, along with a historian who provided an overview of application techniques used since ancient times. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear about the olfactory experience specific to Note. The presentation also included feedback from consumer studies in four different countries. Finally, the creative director of Servaire & Co design, an agency that Aptar teamed with on the project, shared the conceptual and design-based approach.

Customers were very impressed, stating that the event was “unique among suppliers” and describing Note as “a rare innovation in the fragrance industry.”

With the creation of Note, Aptar Beauty + Home has reinvented a timeless gesture from an era where fragrance was applied to the skin with a delicate, simple finesse using a glass stopper. This delicate touch lives on in the collective memory of brands and consumers alike and the magic of this elegant time has been revived using Aptar Beauty + Home’s dispensing expertise.

We invite you to view a brief video about Aptar’s new perfuming gesture, Note.

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