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Working at Aptar with Ana Ferreira

The heart of Aptar lies in our people. We create an exciting environment where you can take risks, feel challenged to reach your full potential and collaborate with people from around the world. This environment is made possible because of employees like Ana Ferreira who provide outstanding customer service and share innovative ideas.

To learn more about Ana and her experience with Aptar, watch the video below that was created by our team in Cajamar, Brazil and is in Portuguese with English translations.

Visit our careers page to learn about employment opportunities at Aptar.

October 24, 2019

Aptar Opens New Technical Education Center in Lincolnton, North C...

Aptar hosted a grand opening event for its new Technical Education Center (TEC) in Lincolnton, NC. This facility is part of Aptar’s Corporate Vocational University (CVU) training program and will provide both six and twelve month training opportunities for manufacturing roles. The program is intended to expand to other Aptar facilities and countries in the coming years.

“The availability of technical skilled workers is a precondition to reach operational excellence at Aptar and an internal education program will be a critical advantage for us,” explained Stephan Tanda, Aptar President and CEO. “We are pleased that our Technical Education Center will provide manufacturing career opportunities for our people and for new talent from the communities where we live and work.”

The TEC center was created to educate and train technical workers for Aptar’s global network of manufacturing facilities. The new center features the latest technology, machinery, tools and training equipment that will be used to train an average of 20-24 apprentices each year. During their apprenticeship, students will split their time between working at their local facility and attending courses at the TEC. The first student Molding Set-Up Technician class has already begun and the students are working on manual material processing, mechanical basics and injection molding processes, along with focusing on Environment, Health & Safety principles.

“We look forward to expanding the Technical Education Center concept into other geographic regions,” said Dr. Thomas Eichberger, an Operations Vice President at Aptar who oversees the Corporate Vocational University. “We foresee a bright future of continued training with additional qualification levels and work streams tailored to Aptar’s manufacturing needs along with the needs of the local community.”

October 23, 2019

Aptar’s Activ-Blister™ Packaging Solution Approved by U.S. FD...

Aptar announced that its Activ-Blister™ packaging solution for oral solid dose drug delivery was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a HIV prevention medicine.

The oral solid dose drug was developed by a leading pharmaceutical company in the HIV treatment and prevention space, and represents the first FDA approval of Aptar’s proprietary Activ-Blister™ packaging solution and proprietary application process developed by Aptar CSP Technologies.

The system protects oral solid drug products with a 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ solution that is fully integrated into the blister package. This 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology, which can be customized specifically for the drug developer’s formulation, offers a broad spectrum of specific drug protection including moisture adsorption, and oxygen and odor scavenging. The technology can also scavenge volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emit aromas.

Aptar’s portfolio of 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ protective solutions helps biotech and pharmaceutical partners meet specific drug long-term and in-use stability requirements while maintaining therapeutic efficacy, all in a patient-friendly packaging configuration.

“I am very pleased to announce this recent FDA approval of our proprietary Activ-Blister™ technology,” commented Stephan Tanda, Aptar’s President and CEO. “This is a significant step that further validates the expanding portfolio of solutions offered by Aptar CSP Technologies. We will continue to leverage our proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology to help our customers with unique protective formulations that derisk their drug development process and help strengthen their own offerings. The ultimate result is that we are creating meaningful solutions that help improve and save lives.”

October 22, 2019

Aptar's Beth Holland Receives NAEM's "Leadership in Action" Award

Today the National Association for Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) Management (NAEM) honored Beth Holland, Vice President, Operational Excellence – EHS & Sustainability for Aptar with a Leadership in Action Award.

Beth was one of eight corporate EHS&S leaders recognized at NAEM’s Excellence Awards ceremony which took place during the largest annual gathering for environment, health, and safety, and sustainability decision-makers—NAEM’s 28th annual EHS&S Management Forum.

Beth is being recognized by NAEM for her demonstrable impact that includes developing Aptar’s initial Sustainability Strategy, standardizing the company’s EHS Key Performance Indicators, and establishing a Global EHS management system, among other initiatives. Beth’s efforts have resulted in a 33% YOY reduction in Lost Time Incident Rate that has surpassed their industry average.

In a letter of recommendation that accompanied Beth’s nomination, Marc Prieur, President, Aptar Food + Beverage, described her impact on the organization’s key decision makers. “I rely on Beth as a partner and subject matter expert for our executives to keep pushing the envelope and stay ahead in EHS&S,” he said. “Her leadership in this area is a key asset and value to our strategic priorities and business imperatives.”

At the time of the ceremony, Beth was representing Aptar at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development council meeting in Portugal and was unable to attend the NAEM event. Accepting the award on Holland’s behalf were key members of her team: Joseph Frank, Director, Operational Excellence – EHS and Taylor Price, Manager, Operational Excellence – EHS & Sustainability.

For more information on the Leadership in Action award and NAEM, please read their full press release here.

October 16, 2019

Aptar Joins Catalyst CEO Champions For Change to Accelerate the P...

Crystal Lake, Illinois, October 9, 2019 — AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions, announced today that it has joined the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change. With a strong commitment from Aptar’s President and CEO, Stephan Tanda, the company is focused on furthering gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change is a transformational diversity and inclusion initiative launched by Catalyst, a global thought leader and partner in accelerating the progress of women at work for over 50 years. Aptar joins more than 60 other leading global companies in the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change who are committing to drive change, specifically pledging to:

  • Accelerate progress in the representation of women, including women of color, in executive/senior level positions
  • Maintain (where strong) or accelerate the representation of women, including women of color, on the Company’s Board of Directors (or equivalent)
  • Strengthen the pipeline of women through an annual review of internal diagnostics and leverage leading practices to address any identified issues
  • Benchmark and track inclusion and improve the culture of inclusion within the organization
  • Share key representation metrics with Catalyst for benchmarking and for anonymized reporting of our collective aggregate progress

“Aptar is honored to be a Catalyst CEO For Change company. We are a global organization full of diverse, highly skilled, passionate colleagues who are focused on reimagining packaging solutions to improve everyday life for people everywhere. We are committed to enhancing our vibrant work culture so that everyone can reach their full potential,” said Stephan Tanda, Aptar’s President and CEO.

Today Aptar is taking steps to lead in gender diversity and equality in the workplace, by enabling a culturally diverse workforce and nurturing an inclusive and welcoming culture. These principles are pervasive throughout Aptar’s organization, beginning at the very top. Aptar is recognized for having 40% women leaders on its Board of Directors and its board committees are chaired by women. Aptar is also included in the SPDR® SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE), which invests in US large-capitalization companies that rank among the highest in their sector in terms of gender diversity within senior leadership positions.

“Our Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies represent more than 10 million employees and nearly $3 trillion dollars in revenue globally. The positive ripple effect from their commitment is tremendous in helping to build workplaces where everyone has a fair chance to succeed,” said Lorraine Hariton, President and CEO, Catalyst.

Read the full Catalyst CEO Champions For Change pledge and find out more about joining the movement at

October 9, 2019

Working at Aptar with German De Luca

At Aptar we focus on reimagining packaging solutions to improve everyday life for people everywhere. This is made possible by our global team of diverse, highly skilled people who drive our strategy forward. By offering opportunities for mobility and providing global assignments we can cultivate talent and invest in our team. We rely on employees, like German De Luca, to provide a unique cultural perspective and fresh ideas.

German is one of Aptar’s Internal Audit Managers. Although he is currently based at our corporate headquarters in Crystal Lake, IL – he is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. To learn more about German and his background, watch our video below:

Visit our careers page to learn about employment opportunities at Aptar.

September 20, 2019

3D Printing at Aptar

3D printing offers Aptar employees around the globe an opportunity to bring otherwise two-dimensional product designs into the physical world. This printing technique allows product designers and customers to evaluate product concepts and make faster adjustments than with steel molds. Check out the video and Q&A section below with Product Design Engineer, Sean Cho of Aptar Cary, for an in-depth look at 3D printing and how Aptar is using this technology to bring innovations to life.

3D Printing Q&A with Sean Cho – Product Design Engineer, Aptar Cary

  • What is 3D printing?
    • 3D printing is a process in which an object is created using an additive technique. In a more traditional method such as machining, where a solid block of material is slowly worked down until the final geometry is achieved, 3D printing only uses the material that is necessary to create the final part.
  • Why is it beneficial to the company?
    • Aptar utilizes 3D printing to help the Engineering team develop new products and concepts before committing to steel molds. The game-changer was bringing 3D printing in-house. This move has allowed Aptar to develop new concepts quicker and in higher numbers than ever before at a fraction of the cost to outside vendors.
  • How do you use 3D printing as a Product Design Engineer?
    • In the past, we chose which products to prototype using limited consumer data and virtual models. Today, we can 3D print several concepts simultaneously and evaluate them in a physical, tangible form and narrow down our selections based on real consumer testing. Changes can be made and reprinted in hours without having to deal with cost and timing of mold changes or waiting for open press time.
  • How can we use 3D printing to benefit the customer and drive sales?
    • With high quality 3D printing in-house, Aptar demonstrates speed and agility by offering our customers not only ergonomic models of early concepts, but photo ready or fully functional prototypes depending on their needs
  • What are the future possibilities for 3D printing?
    • An exciting development in 3D printing is in the area of injection molding. We are developing methods in which we can 3D print mold cavity and cores in order to create custom, low volume prototypes in weeks rather than months. Additionally, we can create custom inserts for our existing tools to deliver unique branding to our customers in days rather than weeks.

September 18, 2019

Aptar Hosts Capital Markets Day in New York City

On September 5, Aptar hosted its top shareholders and key equity research analysts at the Marriott Marquis New York. The event included a detailed presentation by Aptar’s senior management team followed by an engaging question and answer session.

Led by Stephan Tanda, President and CEO; other presenters included Bob Kuhn, Executive Vice President and CFO; Shiela Vinczeller, CHRO; Eldon Schaffer; President of Aptar Beauty + Home; Gael Touya, President of Aptar Pharma; Marc Prieur, President of Aptar Food + Beverage; and Xiangwei Gong, President of Aptar Asia.

The theme of the event was Aptar – Global Growth Story which Tanda explained in his opening remarks. “We are a growth story, we have been a growth story, and we have been positioning ourselves to be a growth story for decades to come,” he explained. “We are fortunate that we operate in attractive markets. From both a macro trends and demographic point of view. We win in those markets with solutions that make a difference in consumers’ lives, patients’ lives, in and some cases even help save lives.”

The presentation outlined a number of growth drivers from macro elements such as sustainability, high-growth economies, e-commerce, health and wellness trends, and an aging global population, to micro trends affecting each segment – all of which offer many opportunities. In addition, Tanda reviewed Aptar’s Strategic Priorities and specific areas of focus that form the roadmap toward the company’s long-term objectives. Talent and leadership development, as well as acquisitions and partnerships are among those priorities. Aptar will also look to expand in Asia to capitalize on the growth in population, GDP and specific market sectors; and approach sustainability from several angles to maintain a strong foundation in this area and help customers with innovative solutions.

Tanda closed out the event by saying, “I am incredibly proud of this team. I think that you get not only what we’re doing but how we’re doing it together. We are a growth business, taking advantage of growing markets with our innovative solutions.”

Aptar’s senior management team participated in a panel question and answer session after presenting information on Aptar’s strategy, key initiatives and macro growth drivers.

The event was webcast live and the presentations by management were followed by a question and answer session with the audience and webcast participants.

The presentation materials from the event, along with a replay of the webcast, can be accessed on the Investor Relations page of our website, under “Quick Links”.

September 16, 2019

Aptar Enters into Strategic Partnership with PureCycle to Acceler...

Crystal Lake, Illinois, September 3, 2019 – AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in dispensing, drug delivery and active packaging solutions, announced today that it has partnered with PureCycle Technologies, to prepare for the introduction of PureCycle’s Ultra-Pure Recycled Polypropylene (UPRP) into dispensing applications.

PureCycle’s ground-breaking, patented recycling process, developed and licensed by Procter & Gamble, separates color, odor and any other contaminants from plastic waste feedstock to transform it into UPRP resin with virgin-like properties. This process fully closes the loop in the reuse of recycled plastics while making recycled plastics more accessible at scale to companies desiring to use a sustainable, recycled resin.

Over the next three years, Aptar, an expert in transforming resin into products that delight consumers, will collaborate with and provide critical feedback to PureCycle regarding the transformation process of its UPRP. In addition to providing detailed feedback into how the resin performs during the transformation process, Aptar will play an integral role in helping PureCycle prepare for the food grade requirements in Europe.

“We are pleased to partner with PureCycle Technologies to introduce UPRP into our ever-growing portfolio of dispensing systems. Customers are seeking robust solutions when it comes to sustainable packaging, especially in the food and cosmetics markets, and we believe there are many applications for UPRP that will satisfy those unmet needs,” stated Stephan Tanda, President and CEO of Aptar. “This critical partnership further reinforces our commitment to supporting a circular economy where products and materials are reused or recycled and do not become waste.”

Aptar will have access to the UPRP resin and will make recommendations and propose solutions to help its customers achieve their sustainable packaging goals. This partnership further integrates PureCycle across the value chain to identify more opportunities for a circular product life cycle.

“Aptar’s broad technical expertise, deep market knowledge, and operational preeminence in both the US and European markets will help PureCycle further accelerate our expansion into Europe,” said Mike Otworth, CEO of PureCycle Technologies. “This is not only a technical validation of our process, but a commercial validation of our model that plastic waste is valuable and we as a society must act now to make plastics recycling a reality.”

With the Feedstock Evaluation Unit operational, PureCycle is rapidly progressing towards its bond offering with Piper Jaffray to build its first plant in Lawrence County, Ohio. The facility is expected to recycle 119 million pounds of polypropylene, and is expected to produce approximately 100 million pounds of UPRP per year starting in 2021.

The global polypropylene market is valued at more than $80 billion, according to Transparency Market research, and is on track to reach $133.3 billion by 2023. The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) has identified 1 billion pounds of recycled polypropylene demand in North America alone. The majority of that demand is for ‘high-quality’ recycled polypropylene, APR has said.

Aptar is committed to reducing its impact on the planet while creating top quality, sustainable products and is working in partnership with several sustainability organizations to serve as a business thought leader and advocate for sustainable products and processes within the packaging industry. Today, Aptar has all-plastic solutions that are recyclable and has developed a line of closures, available in North America and Europe, made with post-consumer recycled resin. The company continues to explore additional opportunities for sustainable resins. Aptar is well positioned to help its customers achieve their own objectives, many of which are to achieve packaging that is 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025. For more information on Aptar’s sustainability efforts, please view the Corporate Sustainability Report on our website under Sustainability, or by clicking here.

Download the full press release.

September 3, 2019

Aptar Announces Partnership with TerraCycle’s Loop Platform

Crystal Lake, Illinois, August 29, 2019 – AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in dispensing, drug delivery and active packaging solutions, announced today that the company has entered into a partnership with Loop, a global circular shopping platform from TerraCycle that delivers consumer products in reusable containers. As part of the partnership agreement, Aptar’s President of Food + Beverage, Marc Prieur, will sit on Loop’s advisory board.

Loop is an innovative shopping platform that allows customers to purchase their favorite products in reusable packaging and have them delivered to their home in a Loop tote that eliminates the need for disposable, single-use shipping materials. Once consumers are finished using their products, they simply put them back in the tote and schedule a pick up.

All containers are cleaned, refilled and readied to ship again, creating a hassle-free, sustainable and circular product experience. Aptar currently provides lotion pumps for several of the products found in Loop’s online shopping platform.

“We are pleased to partner with TerraCycle on the Loop e-commerce platform for reusable consumer products,” said Stephan Tanda, President and CEO. “This partnership represents our vision, and our customers’ vision, for a more circular economy where packaging does not become waste. By joining Loop’s advisory board, and through further collaboration with the world’s leading brands, we can work together to better design products for reuse.”

“Aptar is a very important and strategic partner for Loop,” said TerraCycle CEO, Tom Szaky. “Working with Aptar, one of the world’s leading packaging companies, to provide durable dispensing solutions to the world’s leading CPG companies, is going to have a significant positive effect on the entire Loop platform.”

For more information on Aptar’s sustainability efforts, please view the Corporate Sustainability Report on our website under Sustainability, or by clicking here.

Download the full press release.

August 29, 2019

Aptar Partners with Nippon Closures to Provide Innovative Tethere...

Crystal Lake, Illinois, August 26, 2019 – AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in dispensing, drug delivery and active packaging solutions, and Nippon Closures Co., Ltd. (NCC), a leading company in Japan for bottle closures, announced today that they have entered into an exclusive partnership to cross-license technology for tethered beverage closures. This is the first cross-license, registered intellectual property exchange between NCC and Aptar. The companies intend to expand this exchange into other areas as well.

Together, Aptar and NCC are working to continuously improve the consumer drinking experience, while also creating solutions for beverage closures that are better for the environment.

Flip Lid by Aptar is a consumer friendly dispensing closure designed to promote post use recycling as the closure remains united with the bottle throughout its lifecycle, making it more likely to be collected and sent through the recycling stream with the container.

NCC’s innovative StrapBand solution is also a tethered solution available for today’s flat caps which provides a hinge functionality with a wide opening angle and a click sound when tethered. The StrapBand solution can be applied to flat caps and sports caps, for both still and carbonated beverages.

“We are pleased to partner with NCC on the cross-licensing of registered intellectual property for tethered beverage closures as we look to grow our portfolio of dispensing closures that are more convenient for consumers and more sustainable for the environment. Aptar and NCC are committed to keeping beverage caps attached to the bottle to promote better recyclability and we look forward to working together to bring even more innovative solutions to market,” said Marc Prieur, President, Aptar Food + Beverage.

“We are delighted to start our partnership with Aptar with a cross-license agreement between our tethered beverage closures (Flip Lid and StrapBand) which provide the value of being environmentally friendly and convenient to use. We believe that, in the future, our cooperation will allow us to further develop innovative technologies beyond tethered beverage closures to help solve social environmental problems with more eco-friendly, easy to use and resource-energy saving products,” explained Hisashi Nakajima, President, Nippon Closures Co., Ltd.

Flip Lid and StrapBand meet the requirements of the single-use plastics (SUP) regulation in Europe, that introduced design requirements to connect caps to bottles, thereby increasing the number of closures which are collected and recycled, and the AB 319 California proposal in the US, which intended that plastic closures remain attached to containers. Aptar and NCC remain committed to reducing their impact on the planet while creating top quality, sustainable products.

Download the English press release here.

Download the Japanese press release here.

August 26, 2019

Aptar Announces Capital Markets Day and Confirms Third Quarter Co...

Crystal Lake, Illinois, August 22, 2019 – AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in dispensing, drug delivery and active packaging solutions, announced today that the company will host its Capital Markets Day in New York City, on Thursday, September 5, 2019. The event will begin at 8:00 a.m. EDT. Senior executives from the company will speak and then answer questions from the audience. Interested parties can access the presentation slides and listen live by visiting the Investor Relations page at A replay of this event will be available on the website for 30 days.

As previously announced, Aptar plans to report its 2019 third quarter results after trading on the New York Stock Exchange has closed on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Aptar will hold a conference call on Friday, November 1, 2019, at 8:00 a.m. CDT (9:00 a.m. EDT) to discuss the third quarter results. The conference call will last approximately one hour. Interested parties are invited to listen to a live webcast by visiting the Investor Relations page of the Aptar website. Replay of the conference call can also be accessed on the Investor Relations page of the website.

Download the full press release.

August 22, 2019

Aptar’s 2019 Innovation Summit: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Aptar recently hosted an Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley, California. The event included 100 innovators from across the company who are focused on product development, marketing, business development, and more. The event was crafted in partnership with Innovation Point, a boutique consulting firm that focuses on strategic innovation. The event was an opportunity for attendees to learn about upcoming projects and the overwhelming power of new ideas. The theme of the event “Disrupt or Be Disrupted” was created to articulate how quickly the market landscape can change.

The Innovation Summit was part conference and part interactive workshop. During the conference, Aptar invited nine innovation influencers to share information on ubertrends, scalable innovation, growth and the power of startup networks.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Michael Tchong – Entrepeneur, MacWEEK, Atelier Systems, CyberAtlas and ICONOCAST
  • Scott Armanini – Senior Advisor, Samsung NEXT
  • Marjan Mohsenin Senior Director, Strategic Relations, Singularity University
  • Navin Kunde – Department Manager, Open Innovation, The Clorox Company
  • Bill O’Conner – Director of Innovation Research + Consulting, SF Vault
  • Scott Lenet – President, Touchdown Ventures
  • Dr. Ling Fan – Founder + CEO, Tezign
  • Dr. Anne Schauer-Gimenez – Co-founder and Vice President of Customer Engagement, Mango Materials
  • Anthony Rossi – Vice President Global Business Development, Loop

Attendees were invited to learn more about internal innovation at Aptar by attending the “Aptar Innovation Exposition.” During this portion of the day, Aptar’s own product development teams presented current and future projects with the potential to disrupt the market. This exercise allows employees from all departments and segments of Aptar to learn a little bit more about the new technologies being utilized across the business.

In addition to this internal expo, attendees toured the GORE Innovation Center before being invited to visit one of the following facilities: Carbon 3D, Flex, Plug-and-Play, Institution for the Future and the DuPont Innovation Center. These tours enabled the team to learn more about how other industry leaders approach innovation and incorporate it into their business.

The conference concluded with a group activity called the “Business Challenge.” Attendees worked together to create innovative solutions for current or potential roadblocks. Winners of this challenge were awarded a monetary gift to implement their solution.

The attendees of Aptar’s 2019 Innovation Summit left the event feeling recharged and ready to share their disruptive and innovative ideas with their colleagues. To learn more about Aptar and their current projects, visit



July 18, 2019

Aptar's Stratford Team Supports the Junior Achievement Program

Aptar employees in Stratford, Conn. recently participated in the Junior Achievement program called “JA in a Day”, at the Geraldine Johnson School in Bridgeport, Conn.

“JA in a Day” takes place in the classroom, during which volunteers present Junior Achievement curriculum to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Junior Achievement’s Purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. They are dedicated to helping children understand how to achieve economic success and become the world’s next aspiring entrepreneurs. JA helps students realize that the education they are getting today will help them have a bright future tomorrow. JA’s unique, volunteer delivered programs, show them all of the possibilities that lay before them. They realize that they can choose different paths such as college, a specific trade or even start their own business.

The Aptar volunteers, which included Srinivasan Ramanan, Steven Lynchard, Eloi Fernandes, Andrea Rojas, Alex Matolcsy and Amy Flood were delighted to  participate in this event and help the children of today grow into the success stories of tomorrow.

June 14, 2019

Aptar Releases Corporate Sustainability Report

Crystal Lake, Illinois, May 30, 2019 — AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR), a global leader in dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions, today released its 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report. The 2018 Sustainability Report highlights the robust sustainability initiatives that have been implemented across Aptar’s global operations.

As in previous reports, Aptar summarizes various milestones measured and achieved in three key areas of people, planet and product. The 2018 Sustainability Report is based on the Global Sustainability Reporting (GRI) Standards: Core Options, as released in October 2016. In preparing the report, Aptar obtained limited external assurance for absolute energy metrics, carbon emissions and renewable energy purchases. Aptar also responds to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Investor Climate Change, Supply Chain and Water questionnaires each year.

In 2018, the company publicly committed to Science-Based Targets and published five sustainability aspirations: People, Circular Economy, Solutions, Operations, and Suppliers & Partners. In addition to these aspirations, Aptar partnered with its internal Innovation Excellence function to create a dedicated Product Sustainability Team. This team is focused on increased usage of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR), additional opportunities for more sustainable resins and the recyclability of our products. Aptar’s 2019 aspirations, safety programs and community outreach initiatives are also featured in the report.

“I am proud of the progress we have made to reduce our environmental impact and further our position as a sustainability leader. The creation of our Product Sustainability Team and focus on Innovation Excellence, along with the partnerships we have formed with organizations such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the International Solid Waste Association will strengthen our capability to create high quality products while working toward the circular economy goal of designing out waste,” explained Stephan Tanda, President and CEO. “I look forward to sharing more of our sustainability success stories in 2019.”

To minimize paper waste, Aptar encourages readers to view the Corporate Sustainability Report digitally on our website under Sustainability or by clicking here.

May 30, 2019

Leadership at Aptar is Enhanced by the Children of India’s Vats...

Ecstatic voices of children and their friends echoed all around during the visit of Aptar to the Vatsalya Foundation, Mumbai centre. These visits, which are part of an annual affair, are a much-awaited fanfare for the kids with a track and field day filled with games and outdoor challenges. The Vatsalya Foundation was established in 1982 and is a pioneer agency in India working with street children in Mumbai through its multilevel approach of outreach, child-to-child contact, contact centers and a shelter home. Aptar has been working with the Vatsalya Foundation since 2010.

The event was presided by Stephan Tanda, President and CEO of Aptar. He said, “The kids of Vatsalya are the epitome of converting challenges into opportunities. The work done by the Foundation earmarks their belief in bringing about a social change. We are proud to be associated with them.”

Members of Aptar’s CASA leadership training team were also in attendance. The CASA leadership training brings people together to exchange experiences in the spirit of continuous improvement and is focused on the following principles: learning from others, learning from art, learning from nature, learning outside of your comfort zone and creating a unique environment to reflect and learn by emotions and senses.

“When I spent the day with the children of the Vatsalya Foundation, I felt happy and humbled. Their trusting eyes let me see a new world around me, a world of beauty and innocence, yet full of hope. I felt a sense of responsibility,” explained Xiangwei Gong, President, Aptar Asia.

May 24, 2019

Aptar Joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s CE100 Circular Eco...

Crystal Lake, Illinois, May 23, 2019 — AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR) announced today that it has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE100), the world’s leading circular economy network.

The CE100 network brings together businesses, innovators, cities, governments, universities, and thought leaders in order to build new markets in line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s vision for a circular economy. In January, Aptar signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and the company is pleased to collaborate with colleagues in the packaging industry to implement powerful changes to the way plastic is made and used, with the ultimate goal of creating a circular economy for plastic in which it never becomes waste.

Commenting on joining the CE100 network, Stephan Tanda, Aptar President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Packaging manufacturers must be active and public advocates for the industry transformation needed to deliver the vision of 100% of packaging being first collected, and then recycled or reused. By joining the CE100 network, we will work collaboratively with our fellow thought leaders to determine new ways to design out waste and keep products and materials in use.”

Aptar is well positioned to help its customers achieve their sustainability objectives, many of which are to achieve packaging that is 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025. Today Aptar has all-plastic, 100% polypropylene solutions that are fully recyclable depending on the local recycling program. In addition, Aptar has a line of closures, available in North America and Europe, made with post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) and continues to explore additional opportunities for sustainable resins.

Aptar’s Flip Lid closure and Stay-With™ technology were both designed to promote post-use recycling, as the band and the cap remain attached to the bottle, enabling the closure to go through the correct recycling stream. Furthermore, Aptar’s existing technologies, including multi-use, re-sealable dispensing closures, and spray and lotion pumps, are well suited to address the evolving need to re-use and re-fill.

Aptar will continue to work with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, to serve as an advocate for sustainable products and processes within the packaging industry. Aptar is also a member of the International Solid Waste Association and part of a working group focused on waste minimization, the identification of recycling disruptors and the improved recyclability of products.

Download the full press release.

May 23, 2019

Aptar CEO, Stephan Tanda, Participates in a Chicago Panel Discuss...

Sustainability in packaging is a key focus area and was a topic of discussion at the recent Chicago conference sponsored by Smithers Pira and L.E.K. Consulting entitled “The Future of Packaging”.

The conference featured a panel discussion with thought leaders and executives from the following companies: Loop Industries, MWNY, Berry Global, Novolex and Aptar. During the panel discussion, Aptar’s President and CEO, Stephan Tanda, highlighted the benefits of the soon-to-launch Loop platform, a circular shopping platform that transforms the packaging of everyday essentials from single-use disposable, to durable. Products are delivered to consumers’ homes in upgraded reusable packaging and once the product contents are used, the container is placed back into the Loop Tote and scheduled for pick up. Loop hygienically cleans and replenishes what was returned.

Tanda explained, “The Loop program is about making containers reusable and reducing waste.” Today, Aptar is actively collaborating with its customers on refillable products and is supporting their participation in the Loop by providing pumps.

“There are many solutions possible and no matter whether the container is glass, plastic, aluminum or something else, there is a need for Aptar’s advanced dispensing solutions,” Tanda stated. He also described how many of Aptar’s pumps can be recycled depending on the local recycling program, and can also be designed for reuse.

Aptar remains focused on furthering its sustainability efforts and has recently signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, and is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Aptar believes that it is critical to be part of the solution to the plastic problem our world faces today and is committed to networking with other thought leaders in the industry to address this issue. The Future of Packaging conference was a great opportunity to share collective knowledge around furthering sustainability in packaging.

May 23, 2019