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AptarGroup Declares Quarterly Dividend

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 23, 2014– The Board of Directors of AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE: ATR) has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.28 per share. The payment date is November 26, 2014, to stockholders of record as of November 5, 2014. Download the full press release.

Upcoming Conference Call

As previously announced, AptarGroup will host a conference call on Friday, October 31, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. Central Time to discuss third quarter results for 2014. The Company plans to announce its third quarter results after trading on the New York Stock Exchange has closed on Thursday, October 30, 2014. The call will last approximately one hour. Interested parties are invited to listen to a live webcast by visiting the Investor Relations page at Replay of the conference call can also be accessed on the Investor Relations page of the website.

October 30, 2014

Aptar Shows Off McHenry Facility to Students for National Manufac...

Story: Brett

Photo: H. Rick Bamman –

AptarGroup opened its doors to students for National Manufacturing Day on October 3. Prairie Ridge High School students put on white coats, hair nets and safety goggles to see how AptarGroup’s 50,000-square-foot McHenry, Illinois facility makes 900 million products a year – including the valves and over caps that go on a variety of beauty and home products such as spray-on sunscreen.

John Washabaugh, director of manufacturing at the McHenry plant, walked students through the manufacturing process and touched on everything from quality control and safety to production costs and sustainability.

“I hope they see the stigmas about manufacturing aren’t true,” Washabaugh said after showing students a one-of-a-kind manufacturing machine.

For many students, the tour did just that.

“When you think of a factory, you think it will be dirty and scary,” said Jessica Caravello, a 17-year-old Prairie Ridge student who toured the plant with students from an engineering class. “But this was modern and clean and full of machines and technology.”

Read the full article at

Photo: Prairie Ridge High School students (from left) Carson Getzelman, Cole Luehr and Zach Blakewell tour the Aptar facility in McHenry during Manufacturing Day. The annual event is designed to expose students to broad spectrum of careers in manufacturing and change perceptions about what it’s like to work in the manufacturing industry.

October 14, 2014

Aptar Provides Innovative Dispensing Solutions

Vision inspired. Values based. Leadership driven. At Aptar, our core values lie at the heart of our ability to envision, engineer and produce dispensing solutions that improve the lives of millions of consumers across the globe. We make it possible for you to conveniently dispense your shampoo, perfume, bottled water, ketchup, cleaning spray and pharmaceuticals, along with thousands of other products that you rely on each year.

With nearly 13,000 employees in 18 countries dedicated to adapting to and innovating around ever-changing market needs; Aptar’s customer oriented approach has made us a global leader in the dispensing and packaging industry. Our proprietary knowledge, technical expertise, and persistent emphasis on innovation allow us to provide customers with unique, state of the art products in markets such as prescription drug, consumer health care, injectables, beauty, personal care, food, beverage and home care.

Visit our Careers website to learn about employment opportunities at Aptar.

September 25, 2014

AptarGroup Hosts Analyst Day in New York City

AptarGroup  hosted an Analyst Day in New York City on Thursday, September 11, 2014, providing analysts with an in-depth look at Aptar’s product offerings, financial results and plans for the future. Senior executives from the company also answered questions from the audience and demonstrated the innovative dispensing solutions provided by Aptar’s Beauty + Home, Food + Beverage and Pharma segments. In addition to the meeting, some attendees of the event also participated in a tour of Aptar Congers facility in New York, which molds and assembles prescription nasal pumps, actuators and sublingual unit dosing devices.

 “Aptar had a good first half of the year with  broad-based sales growth across our diversified business,” explained Steve Hagge, President and CEO, AptarGroup. “Each business segment is reporting first half core sales growth and we are up in each of the eight end markets we serve. We also entered or expanded in several new market categories including liquid concentrated flavoring, infant formula, ophthalmics,  over the counter nasal rhinitis treatments and concentrated cleaners.”

Interested parties can access the Analyst Day presentation slides and listen to the recorded webcast by visiting the Investor Relations page of AptarGroup’s website at As previously announced, AptarGroup plans to report its 2014 third quarter results after trading on the New York Stock Exchange has closed on Thursday, October 30, 2014. AptarGroup will hold a conference call on Friday, October 31, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. CDT (9:00 a.m. EDT) to discuss the third quarter results. The conference call will last approximately one hour. Interested parties are invited to listen to a live webcast by visiting the Investor Relations page of the AptarGroup website. Replay of the conference call can also be accessed on the Investor Relations page of the website.


Photo: Aptar Pharma products on display as part of a tour of the Aptar Congers facility in New York on September 11.   

September 18, 2014

Meet Katka P., a Supply Chain Manager at Aptar

With locations in 20 countries and customers that span the entire globe, ensuring the right materials and products are in the right hands at the right time has become an increasingly complex task. Here at Aptar, we rely on talented and innovative logistics specialists like Katka to ensure our operations remain in step with the production process.

What are your job responsibilities?

As a Supply Chain Manager, I’m involved in customer service, purchasing, production, planning, shipping and warehousing. I’m also responsible for relational database management.

What do you like best about your job?

Since joining Aptar 18 years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to work in almost all of our commercial departments as well as our production planning department. I’ve left a piece of my heart in all of them.

I’m always excited to work with my colleagues, and we are fortunate enough to work in a place surrounded by the beautiful nature of the South Bohemian forest of the Czech Republic. I invite you to visit our plant, just plug these coordinates into your navigation system: 49°06’47.5″N 13°50’15.4″E.

How would you explain Aptar’s culture?

We believe in people as individuals, and we know the power of teamwork and cooperation. Aptar engages employees and we are encouraged to take the initiative while maximizing our creativity and potential. We are all responsible for promoting Aptar’s continued growth through an emphasis on effectiveness and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Can you explain the international aspect of the work you do?

More than 90 percent of our sales come from customers outside my country. In order to facilitate international sales, all of our customer service representatives speak at least three languages: Czech, German and English.

How does Aptar encourage and support innovation?

For many years we’ve encouraged our employees to participate in our innovative ideas program. It’s open to everybody regardless of job position or experience. Over time, it has proven to be the right approach to encourage employees to bring forth new ideas that will improve our products, processes and services.

Visit our Careers website to learn about employment opportunities at Aptar.

September 15, 2014

Aptar Releases Corporate Sustainability Overview

AptarGroup, Inc. recently released its 2013 Corporate Sustainability Overview. The report highlights AptarGroup’s ongoing work to reduce waste to landfills, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. AptarGroup is also focused on developing innovative product solutions that use fewer resources and require less packaging.

“The Sustainability Overview provides several examples of our on-going environmental, social and economic sustainability efforts.” said Steve Hagge, President and CEO, AptarGroup. “We are proud of our commitment to manage our businesses with respect for people, nature and future life on earth.”

Wherever possible, AptarGroup is engineering solutions with enhanced sustainable features and proudly partners with customers and suppliers to identify ways to reduce the environmental footprint throughout the packaging supply chain. Its global workforce supports sustainability programs and certifications around waste reduction and product Life Cycle Assessments. AptarGroup’s social sustainability efforts focus on the professional development of employees, in addition to supporting the communities where they live and work. AptarGroup is committed to preserving the environment and continuously invests in research and development to provide new, innovative dispensing solutions that improve the lives of millions of consumers. To minimize paper waste, AptarGroup encourages readers to view the Corporate Sustainability Overview at

August 1, 2014

Supporting the Communities Where We Live and Work

We understand that we have an effect on people, beyond our own employees. For this reason Aptar facilities partner with community organizations on philanthropic events.

We also manage our businesses with respect to nature and future life on earth. Each year, many Aptar facilities proudly celebrate Earth Week by hosting activities to promote environmental awareness including tree planting, local river and ground clean-up, sustainability contests and much more.

As another example of community support, over 230 employees at Aptar’s facility in Alphaville, Brazil teamed with a local charity, Casa da Criança Excepcional Maria Maia, to provide free care to children with severe cerebral palsy and related neurological and physical disabilities. In 2013, the Aptar Alphaville team held numerous fundraisers to provide care for nearly 200 people in need.

With the community in mind, employees from the Mukwonago, Wisconsin facility organized a team which focuses on planning and executing regular community service events. In addition to these events, Aptar Mukwonago supports the community through a relationship with GPS Education Partners, an organization which teams with local businesses to meet the needs of nontraditional high school learners. Educational programs provide students with an opportunity to earn their high school diploma through an integrated learning experience linking academic standards with real-world applications. Each year, Aptar Mukwonago hosts up to three students from Mukwonago High School, providing hands-on technical experience that allows the student to graduate with their peers. Upon graduation, some of the students have joined Aptar Mukwonago as full-time employees, and the company is proud to support them in both their education and career.


July 31, 2014

Airless Dispensing with Certified Recyclability

Eden is an all-plastic airless system that offers many consumer benefits. Composed of only one family of plastics, polyolefin, Eden is the first airless dispenser with a certified recyclability. It is well adapted for organic cosmetics because of the conformity of the materials and protection of low preservative formulas. In 2013 it was awarded certification of compliance with Ecocert and Cosmos “Natural and organic cosmetic“ standards.

This is not the only sustainability related accolade the Eden Airless line has received. During an event held in Shanghai, China, hosted by M. Success Media Group, Ltd., Aptar received a 2013 Sustainable Package Technical Award in recognition of the sustainable attributes of the Eden Airless pack. Also, in 2012, Eden received a DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation.

Read more about Eden on our Beauty and Home webpage.

AptarGroup Reports Highest Second Quarter Revenues

AptarGroup Reports Highest Second Quarter Revenues and Record Quarterly Earnings

Crystal Lake, Illinois, July 21, 2014 — AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE:ATR) today reported its highest level of second quarter revenues and record quarterly earnings per share.

Second Quarter 2014 Summary

  • Reported sales increased 5% from the prior year to $671 million (core sales excluding currency effects increased 4%)
  • Demand was broad-based across all markets with only the injectables market declining compared to the prior year
  • Core sales grew in each region with the exception of the U.S.
  • Currency effects and facility start-up costs in Latin America negatively impacted Beauty + Home’s results by approximately $2 million
  • Reported earnings per share increased to a quarterly record $0.79 from $0.73 in the prior year (comparable prior year earnings per share, excluding charges related to Aptar’s European restructuring plan, were $0.77)

Download the full press release. For more information, please visit on Aptar’s Investor Relations webpage.

July 21, 2014

Aptar Introduces a New Concentrate Dispensing Solution in Europe

Last Updated December 22, 2014

Aptar Food + Beverage is pleased to present its latest development with France’s leading concentrate brand Teisseire.

Aptar and Teisseire, a Britvic Group PLC company, have partnered to develop a customized dosing system which allows consumers to conveniently and intuitively dispense liquid concentrate. The dispensing pump, based on Aptar’s HiFlow platform, is an ideal solution for children. The easy to use dispenser delivers a precise 4ml dose of concentrate with each actuation and to the delight of parent, the dispenser ensures no leaks or spills. Furthermore, this customized dispensing solution prevents any product crystallization from occurring between uses.

This latest innovative product launch has recently gained the attention of several industry trade shows. For example, Teisseire was a finalist at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in the category of Best New Beverage Concept and the product also received the French “Oscar de l’Emballage” award at the Emballage trade show which took place in Paris-Villepinte this past November.

Thanks to Aptar’s extensive technological know-how in closures and dispensing systems, Teisseire’s “Dosing Syrup” is a new and fun experience for the whole family!

If you would like to receive Aptar product samples, please contact us.

July 20, 2014

Aptar's Dispensing Solutions: A Focus on Convenience

At Aptar, we set the pace in developing dispensing technology by combining creativity with technical expertise to craft a highly focused product line. Although you may not be familiar with our name (Aptar is derived from the Latin word Aptare, which means “to adapt”), you likely use our products each and every day. Name brand products rely on our dispensing solutions to provide consumers with the highest level of convenience.

“What makes your life easier?”

By asking this question on a daily basis, our Aptar team is able to create intriguing and innovative solutions for today’s dispensing and closure needs. Now with facilities in over 20 countries, we are committed to recruiting talented, innovation-minded individuals from around the globe to join our growth-oriented organization.

Visit our Careers website to learn about employment opportunities at Aptar.

The video below highlights Aptar’s Lincolnton, North Carolina manufacturing center and offers an introduction to Aptar’s current operations and future vision.

July 14, 2014

Meet Rachid J., a Technical Quality Expert at Aptar

At Aptar, we deliver innovative packaging solutions satisfying the need for convenience, safety, and security. To maintain and continuously improve upon our standard of quality products, we rely on a combination of technical expertise and teamwork at all levels of our organization. As a quality expert and problem solving lead for our Italian operations, Rachid embodies the talent and values central to Aptar’s continued success in the packaging industry.

How would you explain Aptar’s culture?

Aptar’s culture is based on teamwork, collaboration, respect of people and the promotion of multicultural relationships. These values are the basic pillars of life, and Aptar believes in them. Despite coming to Aptar from another country and background, I feel in harmony with my peers here at Aptar.

What’s the most exciting product or project you’ve worked on?

I have recently been involved with innovative projects such as our “20 keys to manufacturing excellence” project, but perhaps the most exciting initiative I have worked on is our Landfill Free project. Aptar’s facilities in Chieti and Pescara, Italy, along with Torelló, Spain, achieved Landfill Free certification as part of their ongoing sustainability efforts. I found it so important that I transferred what I learned from this project to my home so that my kids could understand the significance of the good health of our planet.

What do you like best about your job?

My job at Aptar provides ample opportunities to grow and broaden my knowledge, allowing me to discover my strengths and put my skills to better use.

What advice would you give to new employees joining the company?

Prior to my experience at Aptar, I never thought there could be so many great people and so much hard work behind such a small, but important, product. This realization gives me full confidence in Aptar’s continued success. New employees should take full advantage of this opportunity to work at a great organization and always be open to make the change you wish to see in the world.

Visit our Careers website to learn about employment opportunities at Aptar.

July 8, 2014