Developing Our People for Tomorrow

The talent and dedication of our people is a core strength of Aptar. As a complement to the multiple training sessions provided by each Aptar location on an annual basis, we have developed the Aptar Corporate University (Aptar CU) which offers worldwide training programs across all segments and regions to strengthen our corporate alignment in Leadership, Core Values and Business in order to grow and promote our people.

“Aptar Corporate University supports our business strategies by nurturing development at all levels,” said Meinrad Arnold, Director, Organization and People Development. “The programs enable employees to enhance their strengths and grow to their full potential. This is one of the most important investments we can make as a company.”

In 2014 alone, Aptar Corporate University trained nearly 500 employees using in-person training techniques and over 4,300 employees using eLearning modules in addition to the classroom trainings. Participants are nominated into the trainings by their managers and Human Resources representatives.

The following training programs are available to Aptar employees through Aptar Corporate University:

Leadership Programs:

  • CASA Leadership Program (global)
  • CASITA Leadership Program (regional)
  • LaFabbrica Leadership Program (local)

Market Oriented Programs:

  • Strategic Account Management I
  • Strategic Account Management II
  • Customer Value Management (CVM) Insight

Business Programs:

  • Strategic Thinking – “Managing Future Challenges”
  • Change Management – “Leading Change”
  • Business Process Management – Mindset and Leadership
  • Project Management

Aptar’s first leadership program (CASA) was implemented in 2008. Since that time the corporate training activities were extended and Aptar Corporate University was officially founded in 2011. Today, Aptar CU provides employee programs all over the world in seven different languages.

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Change ManagementStrategic Thinking

Photos (left to right): Aptar Corporate University programs – Change Management: Leading Change and Strategic Thinking: Managing Future Challenges