Skin Master: A New Beauty Experience

Aptar Beauty +Home has turned a new page in the history of innovation with the creation of Skin Master, a new, next generation pen inspired by cosmetic medicine. This launch will be presented in preview at 2015 Luxepack Monaco.

Skin Master is a new beauty gesture specially created for targeted facial skincare applications, dedicated to the treatments of laugh lines, eyelids, bags under the eyes and skin imperfections.

Skin Master: A totally new technology
Skin Master is a brand new pump technology, based on a revamped architecture with adjustable side actuation and continuous formula dispensing. This innovation is equipped with a soft membrane, smooth like a second-skin, delivering a bespoke formula dose in one simple press. The more you press, the more you get. From this point forward, ultra-targeted skin care can be perfectly micro-dosed.

Skin Master, a new beauty experience
With a near surgical precision, Skin Master breaks the rules of beauty. This skincare expert gesture combines accurate application and sensory appeal to achieve a unique targeting action.

Skin Master offers a range of three unique standard applicators for three skin sensations with three beauty promises:

  • Velvet touch with a velvety (elastomer) applicator, was created to be a true skincare ally to complement hyaluronic acid injections.  Due to its flexible and movable fingertip shape, it recreates the massaging effect perfected by medispa experts.
  • Cool touch was specially designed to smooth the highly sensitive eye and lip contour areas. With its cold zamak pad and its flexible base, it helps to stimulate microcirculation and to redefine these sensitive areas in just one step. The cold touch effect joins forces with the formula for virtually instant anti-puffiness action.
  •  Icy touch is the ultimate ally for brightening and rejuvenating eyes. Applied to the eyelids and bags under the eyes, its ceramic applicator produces an unprecedented and lasting ice-cold sensation for instantly smoother eyes. With its movable head, it gently massages and smooths the particularly fragile eye contour area.

Skin Master, an inimitable design
Elegant, audacious and singular, Skin Master is a design object that can easily be customized by brands. This unique cosmetic pen offers brands the opportunity to create their own applicator designs in order to guarantee the relevance with their own formulas. Skin Master also provides numerous decorations for bespoke finishes: plastic or metal shell finishes and a range decoration options including anodization, coloration, silk screening and labelling.

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