Video: Serumony Featured in the PhysioLift Skin Care Range from Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène

Aptar Beauty + Home is contributing to the success of Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène’s PhysioLift range with its premium airless Serumony packaging. With over 20 years of anti-aging dermatological expertise in sensitive skin care, Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène has launched a trio of new, exclusive and patented actives to rebuild skin structure by smoothing out wrinkles and leaving the skin firmer and brighter.

“We wanted to team with Aptar Beauty + Home for the launch of the PhysioLift range after working together on the YsthéAL anti-aging range when it was updated in 2013. So naturally we have once again favored the Irresistible pump to remain consistent with our range of anti-aging solutions,” explains Laboratoires Avène.

Aptar Beauty + Home completes the PhysioLift range of airless pumps by providing the PhysioLift Précision 15 ml, a treatment for filling in furrows and deep wrinkles, using its Serumony premium airless packaging.

We invite you to view a brief video showcasing Aptar’s airless serum dropper for the PhysioLift Skin Care line.

This is the first time that Serumony has been used in dermo-cosmetics. A specific solution, with a valve-type nozzle, has been developed for high precision product application and optimum efficiency, in addition to an ultra-airtight packaging solution that is highly acclaimed for its extreme precision and ease of use.

In combining the technical specifications, elegance and modernity of Serumony, the PhysioLift anti-aging range is a new type of beauty ritual accessible to all consumers.

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