Proteo by Aptar: Innovative Flexible Packaging Concept Launches in Brazil

Global dispensing leader, Aptar, launches convenient dispensing sachet

Aptar’s newest innovative dispensing concept called Proteo is a unique form of 50ml transportable, resealable, flexible packaging developed in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro was the setting for the product launch, focused on the retail industry and designed to meet various categories of personal care products. Proteo is designed to serve consumers who are looking for convenience and embracing the trend to carry products “on me”.

With its chic, flat design, Proteo can be taken anywhere and is easy to open and close because of the dispenser fitment format. The flexible package fits in tight spaces and also allows for easy and complete emptying of products such as sunscreens.

Proteo can help to optimize the consumer shopping experience and accelerate growth of the brands. The format allows unique promotional options, including point of purchase displays, sampling and merchandising. The packaging has a large, flat “billboard” for art, giving prominence to the brand and instructional communication.

“Proteo has been very well accepted because the package is lightweight, flexible and easy to store. It is a product consumers can take with them everywhere because it allows easy access and full use of the package’s contents,” said Mirelle Orpinelli, Aptar Regional Market Development.

We invite you to watch a short video about Proteo.

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