New Aptar Pharma Video Explains the Benefits and Technical Functions of Our Airless Drug Delivery Systems

Aptar Pharma has recently launched a new video underlining the host of benefits of our Airless Drug Delivery Systems offer over traditional packaging.

The market demand for topical drug application has grown tremendously in recent years and has become a medication delivery of choice for drug developers. However, consumers and patients still experience inconvenient packaging formats for high-viscous dermal application drug products. Safety for the formulation, as well as convenience for the consumer, are key needs that Airless Dispensing can fulfil.

Aptar Pharma’s Airless Drug Delivery Systems provide the solution for these increased advanced packaging demands, especially for those high-viscous products. The combination of their hygienic and clean administration, as well as 360° dispensing and precise dosing presents a safe and consumer friendly way to dispense semi-solid products.

We invite you to watch the video below which also describes the technical functions behind the Aptar Pharma Airless Drug Delivery Systems.