Lionel de Benetti’s New Brand Features Aptar Beauty + Home

Lionel de Benetti has created his first facial skincare product by teaming with Aptar Beauty + Home

Lionel de Benetti sought to develop a product to suit all skin types, suitable for all ages and levels of skin sensitivity. The product required a high concentration of the main active ingredients, which in turn need to be protected while the product is being used as they are susceptible to oxidization. For this reason, Lionel de Benetti selected Aptar Beauty + Home’s airless system to safeguard these ingredients.

“This facial skincare product requires an airless container to ensure that the product does not come into contact with an atmosphere where oxidization is possible. The tests carried out by Aptar Beauty + Home show that its dispensing system protects the product from contamination,” he explains.

Lionel de Benetti opted for simplicity for his first facial skincare product, choosing the see through, 40 ml version of the Aptar’s Irresistible packaging range. Due to its unique airless technology, Irresistible offers cosmetic brands a complete dispensing system that has been developed for the most sensitive formulas. Its multi-layer, pocket-sized bottle and dispensing system provide high performance and protection against exterior contamination, contributing to excellent hygiene.

Aptar Beauty + Home is a solution partner providing packaging dispensing systems for the beauty, personal care and home care markets.

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