Child-Friendly Pouch Closures and Spouts

Flexible stand-up pouches are one of the fastest growing formats in the food and beverage packaging market. The growth drivers for this market are the lightweight sustainable properties of pouches and their ability to allow for increased marketing differentiation. Through the addition of a spout, they offer a convenient and resealable product dispense.

Aptar has two new innovative spouted pouch offerings: EZ Grip and EZ Twist. Both feature a child-friendly design that is easy to open and close on-the-go. The fitments also possess a unique tamper evidence system that clearly indicates if the package has been opened or not.

To the delight of parents everywhere, both fitments are SimpliSqueeze® valve capable. The valve creates a spill-proof package reducing the risks of children causing accidental messes in the back seat of the car, at home, or at school.

EZ Grip and EZ Twist create a child-friendly, convenient, and differentiated flexible pouch package making it easy for children to enjoy their favorite food or beverage whenever, wherever.

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