Innovative Drug Delivery Symposium in Suzhou, China

Aptar Pharma’s 6th Innovative Drug Delivery Symposium (IDDS) in Suzhou, China: the bridge between China and the world.

The two-day Innovative Drug Delivery Symposium (IDDS CHINA) 2016, organized by Aptar Pharma in Suzhou, was held March 15 – 16 and met with tremendous success.

For 12 years, Aptar Pharma in Suzhou has brought the most advanced drug delivery technology to the Chinese market by hosting its own Innovative Drug Delivery Symposium (IDDS).

More than 160 international delegates from China, Europe, India, Japan and North America attended the latest edition to discuss issues related to China’s reform of its drug regulations, pharmaceutical market trends, difficulties inherent in the development of generic inhalation drugs and innovative drug delivery technologies.

In line with the rapid growth of China’s market, IDDS has been evolving to better meet market needs and identify new opportunities. Our latest IDDS symposium hosted 17 speakers, 6 exhibitors and 8 scientific posters which focused on the following main topics:

  • Regulation reform and impact on inhaled products
  • New concepts in Nasal Delivery
  • Dry Powder Inhaler: R&D and scaling up perspectives
  • Technology innovation based on clinical needs

Several prestigious worldwide experts delivered presentations at this symposium, including our spokespersons:

Dr. Gerallt Williams – Key steps on developing Nasal & Pulmonary drug delivery devices

Mr. Hervé Pacaud – Worldwide CNS (Pain) drug development status and trends regarding the nasal and sublingual route

Dr. Stefan Hellbardt – Updated trends and solutions for preservative-free drugs

Aptar Pharma is actively supporting the pharmaceutical industry’s business opportunities in emerging markets. We are well-established in China, where our Suzhou site near Shanghai has been manufacturing several Aptar Pharma product lines since 1996. We are committed to providing excellence in the quality of our products manufactured at Suzhou, and all of our sites worldwide.

“Aptar Suzhou is honored to have hosted this symposium for 12 years now, as we have seen tremendous growth in the Chinese inhalation market thanks to the continuous effort of the government, research institutes, our customers and partners. We are very pleased to see that our delegates enjoyed the symposium, and explored and discussed the challenges facing drug delivery solutions,” stated Mrs. Yan Jiang, Vice President China & North East Asia for Aptar Pharma.

IDDS SeminarInteraction with audience