Aptar Beauty + Home Partners with Le Grand Musée Du Parfum

A new cultural institution called Le Grand Musée Du Parfum recently opened its doors in Paris, and Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to be a partner.

The museum, in its entrancing setting, is unveiling the unique world of perfume to the general public through an innovative, interactive experience enhanced by electronic olfaction technologies, videos, and more.

With the museum’s opening, the partners had a vision to relay the essence of perfumery as a polysensory experience. Perfuming is a precious, intimate, timeless experience, and “one fragrance, one gesture” is a principle that inspires Aptar Beauty + Home.

Aptar Beauty + Home worked with the museum on an artistic project for a room that is dedicated to the art of perfuming, which includes a video and photo display called “Rituals”, produced by a talented trio of artists and also contributed its new spray system, La Petite, which is present on the 60 perfume bottles found on the grand staircase of the museum. Eternelle Couture atomizers were chosen to activate electronically the olfactory systems placed on the first floor as well as videos situated in the art of perfuming room on the second floor.

Perfuming gesture diversity is apparent throughout Aptar Beauty + Home’s product line, inspiring a select range of sprays as well as alternative gestures such as the atomizer and the glass stopper applicator called Note, one of Aptar Beauty + Home’s latest innovations. Aptar Beauty + Home is re-enchanting the sensory experience one gesture at time.

“We take pride in participating in this contemporary approach with olfactory senses front and center stage. This is also an international stage with two-thirds of international visitors expected,” said Sabine Bouillet-Lubot, Strategic Marketing Manager Fragrance, Aptar Beauty + Home.

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.