Luxe Pack News 2014

Aptar has a strong market-oriented innovation strategy.

In order to emphasize our market-oriented focus, new Aptar solutions were featured this year in a unique exhibit at the Luxe Pack Monaco event from October 27 – 29. Aptar’s exhibit booth included areas dedicated to each market sector, similar to what consumers might find in their own shops.

This presentation reflects our global market strategy, taking into consideration the expectations of our customers and the unique needs of end consumers in different market sectors and geographical regions.  Our presentation strategy at Luxe Pack Monaco provided a comprehensive illustration of this approach. Below are products and highlights from Aptar’s exhibit at Luxe Pack Monaco.  

Aptar Beauty + Home  new fragrance products 

Exclusive Collection: a range of different techniques and decorations, giving perfumes a special and distinctive touch.


Blue Collection: new textile interpretations of our bulb atomizer centered around  the legendary color blue in the perfume industry. Through this range, we will present a new textile offering innovative possibilities in terms of creativity and differentiation for the brands.

Blue Collection

Aptar Beauty + Home  personal care products 

Runway:  a pressurized packaging trigger accessory that is intuitive, secure, comfortable and easy to use. The accessory locks for security on shelf, in transit and in storage.  Runway can be actuated as a trigger or using traditional button with improved ergonomics and features twist-to-lock technology from Aptar Beauty + Home. 

Bravo: a flip-top that is both minimalist and luxurious, thanks to the shiny/matte combination. Bravo features environmentally conscious innovation that incorporates high production efficiencies and lightweight design. These features allow for less material input and improved parts per package ratio as compared to earlier generation flip top closures. Bravo is suitable for a wide range of standard bottles and features a straight line fitment between the bottle and the easy-fit cap, allowing for faster filling on the production line. 

Vita: new one-hand distribution system. Thanks to its unique design, Vita ensures clean and effective handling for the application of all aqueous solutions with cotton pads. Vita is an innovative solution for makeup removal products, baby-care products and nail applications.

Aptar Beauty + Home skin care products based on two main themes

Ultra-customization with Serumony Morphing: Serumony, a breakthrough innovation created for the most precious formulas, offers a high-precision application.  Serumony Morphing showcases the ability to transform the package design by multiplying the effects of colors and transparency. It enables the players in the world of beauty to take ownership of this unique package and display their positioning so it becomes fully theirs.

Serumony Morphing

Talilor-made cosmetics with Serumony Mixology: this Serumony range promotes formulas and positions itself as a booster solution offer aimed at customizing your daily moisturizer with the active ingredient(s) meeting your current needs.

Official launch into makeup market 

In addition to these major innovations, Luxe Pack Monaco marks the official launch of Aptar Beauty + Home in the makeup market and the launch of Aptar’s first innovation for complexion. As a brand expert, Aptar Beauty + Home brings its dispensing expertise to offer true tailor-made solutions. Each texture has its packaging solution and each event-driven operation has its own personalized promotional solution.

Lastly, in our endeavor to shake up conventional beauty rules, Aptar Beauty + Home launches Serumony Nude Touch for instant beauty touch ups. Ultra-compact with its mini format, ultra-precise thanks to its micro-dosing ability and ultra-fashionable with its stream-lined design, the product fits easily into your purse, becoming the go to accessory that can be used at all times of the day for a perfect complexion.

Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to enter a new era of highly colorful beauty.