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Visit Aptar Beauty + Home at Luxe Pack New York, May 13-14

Aptar Beauty + Home Luxe Pack Preview

The latest Aptar innovations will be featured at the Luxe Pack New York event from May 13-14. Aptar Beauty + Home offers innovative beauty solutions with the end-consumer in mind. This year, visitors will experience stand-out customization capabilities for fragrance as well as innovative designs that transform dispensing methods. Visit the Aptar Beauty + Home team at booth B112. Below are a few of the beauty packages that will be showcased.

Visibly Different Through Customization



New textile interpretations of our bulb atomizer offer new graphic effects including gingham, stripes, variations on denim and sparkling blues. Decorative printing alternatives such as floral, zebra and night sky patterns are offered. These customizable pieces give brands a wide array of possibilities to stand out on the shelves.

  • Lockable and Leak-proof
  • Available in 15mm and Europa 4
  • Can be packaged directly on the production line
  • Multiple textile effects and printing are available

Breaking Beauty Rules Through Innovation


Serumony Nude Touch fermé détouré2

In our endeavor to shake up conventional beauty rules, Aptar Beauty + Home launches Serumony Nude Touch for instant beauty touch ups.

Serumony, a breakthrough advancement in beauty, provides the most practical way to dispense serums in a sophisticated airless dropper. Now, Serumony has
been developed in a 10 ml barrel for makeup.

  • For fluid makeup that needs ultra-precise dosing
  • Intuitive gesture allows one-touch dispensing
  • Ultra-compact and can be taken on-the-go
  • Leak-proof and protects against oxidation

Sampling Solutions for On-The-Go Consumers


Imagin-design 2014

A unique, extra flat, re-usable mini sprayer that will allow you to dispense the real fragrance with the same spray gesture as your retail item. Imagin is a complete turnkey solution ideal for consumer trial with in-store promotions, mailing samplers, online give-aways, beauty box multi-packs, hotel amenities, and public relations and communication marketing vehicles, including press inserts and consumer brochures. Easy to personalize, this “unbreakable” sampler offers a large communication area with many decoration options.

  • Accept formulas with 60% alcohol and above
  • Cost-effective – volume of 0.3ml (approximately 6 sprays)
  • Printing 4 to 8 colors, acrylic varnish, hot stamping, embossing
  • PIRA & US postal approved for magazine or mailer
  • Increases brand awareness by 66%, drives purchase intent by 70%*

* Consumer test results from a ® MTB research conducted in May 2013 with 100 women.

For more information, please send an email to

Rocher Group's Supplier Awards Honor Aptar in Innovation Category

Photo (left to right) Olivier Djezvedjian, Purchasing and Quality Director,  Yves Rocher Group; Nicolas Pradaud, Purchasing category Manager, Yves Rocher Group; Antoine Pepice, Sales Director Aptar Beauty + Home Personal Care in France; Bertrand de Meirleire, Senior Account Manager,  Aptar Beauty + Home; Jean-Marc Guillemet, Purchasing Director, Yves Rocher Group.

Earlier this year, the Rocher Group honored Aptar during their 2015 Supplier Awards in the category of innovation.

Aptar developed a dispensing solution called Irresistible, an innovative airless packaging solution with a tip seal actuator and patented ultra gate technology, which provides maximum protection for the most sensitive formulas. Aptar then partnered with the Rocher Group’s Stanhome team to launch the Sensitive+ face care product featuring the airless solution.  The partnership between the Rocher Group and Aptar has resulted in a high quality product which showcases the values of both companies.

For more information, please send an email to

Aptar Beauty + Home Introduces Solutions for Cosmetics

Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to introduce a collection dedicated to make-up artistry. In the world of makeup, your complexion occupies a special place. A perfect complexion is the basis for beautiful makeup.

Correct, conceal, even, highlight, and perfect… all of these beauty solutions come in a variety of formulas, with many textures, with one common goal: a bespoke experience for any makeup appearance, from natural to bold.

With this new collection, Aptar has taken into consideration the expectations of both our customers and the unique needs of end-consumers in different market sectors and geographical regions. As a brand expert, Aptar Beauty + Home brings together all its expertise to offer truly tailor-made solutions for every formula:

  • Fluid textures
  • Creamy textures
  • Foam textures

For these specific textures, we recommend atmospheric packaging for light emulsions, airless packaging for a more dense formula, and aerosol packaging for formulas that use oil-free pigment bases. Brands needing mini-packaging or promotional solutions can rely on our options for press samples, beauty box products, on-the-go alternatives, travel, gifts, and more.

For more information, please send an email to

April 24, 2015

Aptar Beauty + Home Featured at FCE Cosmetique, May 12-14

Each year since 1995, Aptar Beauty + Home has taken part in the International Exhibition of Technology for the Cosmetic Industry in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This year, the event will be held from May 12-14 and Aptar Beauty + Home will feature a booth (B76) with our latest dispensing innovations. FCE Cosmetique provides the platform where academy, distributors, service providers and industry experts have the opportunity to interact and discuss market trends and is the ideal place for generating cosmetic industry business.

We look forward to seeing you at this important event. Visit the website at For more information, you can also send an email to

L'Oreal Selects Aptar's Fine Mist Spray Pump for New Lancôme Fra...

La Nuit Trésor, the new fragrance for women by Lancôme, opens a new chapter in the history of the luxury brand, with a romantic and inviting perfume featuring Aptar’s fine mist spray pump called Precious.

Recently launched in the 50 ml format, the fragrance is transformed by a technology that combines gentle actuation and continuous diffusion, created by the Precious spray from Aptar Beauty + Home. Using only very light pressure, the spray will gradually diffuse the blend of scents including: black rose essence, Tahitian vanilla orchid, natural incense, papyrus essence and lychee praeline.

To honor the fragrance’s romantic setting, dressed in a diamond and furnished with a rose tied in black satin, L’Oréal selected Aptar’s Precious spray for the quality of its continuous diffusion with a delicate mist.

“We chose the Precious spray, because it provides a dual sensation of gentleness and, through the quality of its diffusion, it reveals all the sensuality of this perfume with romantic aromas. The mist effect brings a real richness to the product which is different from the pumps usually chosen for the Lancôme range,” explained Laura Pommereau, Marketing Director at Lancôme.

Advantages of the Precious pump:
– Spray combining gentle activation and continuous diffusion
– Spray activated by very light finger pressure
– Diffusion three times longer with the same quantity of fragrance
– Mist effect: extreme uniformity of spray, combined with fine particles

Choose Precious from Aptar Beauty + Home for a unique and sensual perfume experience. For more information, please send an email to Aptar Beauty + Home press relations:

High-Precision and High-Tech Design for Givenchy's Doctor White 1...

For the launch of its new High Precision Whitening Spot Eraser, Givenchy has partnered with Aptar Beauty + Home to enhance its Doctor White 10 serum using Aptar’s innovative and refined packaging called Serumony.

To add elegance and finesse to the Doctor White 10 High Precision Whitening Spot Eraser, Givenchy selected Aptar’s Serumony dispensing solution. The new, high-tech pioneering skin care serum, which targets every type of pigmentation spot, uses Serumony to provide a more intuitive gesture, which perfectly combines a high-tech design and extreme precision on the areas to be treated.

“We selected the Serumony package proposed by Aptar Beauty + Home for its many qualities, including the precision and elegance that is typical of the upmarket Doctor White 10 skin care range,” said Marjorie Robert-Espaze, International Marketing Director at Givenchy.

Serumony delivers a high-tech product image and high-precision application on dark spots due to many features including:
– Perfect airless protection for its unique formula
– A high-precision application which evokes the concept of the product by enabling a precise treatment
– Perfect control of the dosage that allows a tailored application for consumers

Additional benefits of Serumony packaging:
– Extreme precision of the dosage as it only delivers one drop of elixir
– Excellent product evacuation
– A wide choice of decor
– A perfect 15 ml travel-friendly product

With its sleek and refined design, Serumony offers a rare sensory experience with a unique, ergonomic and intuitive gesture which will delight even the most demanding consumers.

For more information, please send an email to Aptar Beauty + Home press relations :

March 18, 2015

Aptar Beauty + Home Honored for Glide Aerosol Accessory

Aptar Beauty + Home was recently recognized for its innovative aerosol accessory, Glide, during the Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Awards. These awards highlight technological innovations in aerosol and dispensing systems packaging. This prize is awarded by an independent jury of aerosol and dispensing systems experts representing packaging manufacturers and the media.

Glide is the new Aptar hoodless accessory technology with a slide-to-open capability

Glide is designed for one-hand dispensing and due to the ergonomics of the hand, Glide can be un-locked with a sideward movement of the thumb and actuated with the index finger. Consumer tests prove that Glide is extremely convenient and users are able to tell at first glance whether Glide is locked or unlocked. Audible clicks and a covered orifice indicate when the actuator is locked or ready to use. This unique feature provides additional assurance to consumers.

Glide provides a fun, interactive accessory using a common gesture, the sliding motion used with digital technology.  This gesture will be used as a new locking feature for our new hoodless accessory platform. It engages consumers with a fun, interactive movement and sensory cues.

To view the list of winners, please click here. For more information, please send an email to

Photo: Awards ceremony at the Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Awards, 2015.

Paris aerosol award 2015

Aerosol award

March 17, 2015

AsiaStar Award for Aptar’s Non-Aerosol, Fine Mist Spray Technol...

Aptar’s non-aerosol, fine mist spray technology, affixed to a metal can, receives the AsiaStar 2014 Award, an international award for excellence in packaging.

AsiaStar is an international competition organized by the Asian Packaging Federation (APF), a non-profit organization established in Tokyo, Japan in 1967. Aptar was selected as a winner by a panel of judges from nine Asian countries who reviewed over 200 entries received this year.

Aptar’s non-aerosol, fine mist spray technology for metal cans is a new innovation developed for body deodorant that is propellant-free and based on a pre-compression fine mist pump platform, which allows for superior atomization of various products.

The combination of the fine mist pump platform, with a one inch mounting cup, allows a proper connection to standard metal cans used also for aerosols. This technology provides consumers with the convenience of a predetermined dosage and uniform particle size, providing a discrete, long-lasting spray which enhances the overall perfume experience. 

The FOGG company selected Aptar’s fine mist dispensing pump in order to offer consumers a pure deodorant spray fragrance with no propellant. FOGG’s new pump-on-can format featuring Aptar’s fine mist dispensing pump has seen much success in the market.

For more information, please send an email to

March 12, 2015

Serumony Nude Touch, the Must-Have Accessory for Your Makeup Bag

Serumony, the must-have accessory for your makeup bag

In response to this new makeup era, Aptar presents Serumony Nude Touch, the instant beauty touch up. An absolute fashion must, Serumony Nude Touch is now more stylish than ever with ultra-fluid and ultra-delicate textures, invisible veils of foundation and fusion makeup.

  • Ultra-compact: Thanks to its mini format (10ml), it effortlessly slips into your purse to perfect your complexion whenever you need it
  • Ultra-intuitive: Worthy of professional makeup artists, with a simple click you can touch up your complexion in a flash
  • Ultra-precise: Controlled dosage(70μl) gives you a perfect personalized makeup result
  • Ultra-protective: Tight seal protection for those second-skin formulas (airless packaging)
  • Ultra-designer: The perfect fashion accessory

The Serumony Nude Touch 10ml format will be available in the second half of 2015.

For more information, please send an email to

January 29, 2015

Serumony Mixology Provides Customization for Your Cosmetic Needs

You are unique and so are your cosmetic needs.

With personalized formulas that address each person’s specific needs, custom cosmetics are becoming reality thanks to the art of mixology, which enables you to mix in your preferred active ingredients with your essential cosmetic formula.

To meet the challenges of this new era of ultra-customization, Aptar has developed Serumony mixology, the booster cosmetic solution.

Designed with makeup, facial care, hair care and sun care products in mind, Serumony mixology enables you to focus and personalize your cosmetic formula by adding a drop of elixir which meets your unique and evolving needs. Mixed in during the final step of the process, the active ingredients offer a focused and ultra-powerful cosmetic care.

Cosmetic care SerumonyFICHES PRESSE EN.indd

Serumony is airless expert packaging currently available in a 15ml format with a 10ml format available in the second half of 2015. For more information, please send an email to

January 20, 2015

Flexible Packaging for the Personal and Home Care Markets

Photo: The Boe brand in the Dominican Republic launches a variety of products using Aptar’s Galaxy pouch fitment

Aptar is bringing consumer preferred, technical innovation in the form of flexible packaging to the personal care and home care markets. Flexible packaging is seeing an increasing shelf presence in Latin America.

Aptar has successfully entered the flexible packaging market in Latin America by teaming with the Boe brand in the Dominican Republic to provide our Galaxy pouch fitment on a variety of products in the personal care and home care markets. The range of products includes multipurpose cleaners, softeners, dishwashing soaps, hair gels and mosquito repellents for the Latin America market.

Pouches can offer sustainable features and technical innovations, while the visual appeal and performance of this pack type is becoming more diverse and creative across multiple categories. Consumer perception about pouches is summarized in a few concepts: value, versatility and beauty.

For more information about flexible packaging, please send an email to

January 14, 2015

Serumony Morphing: the Art of Transformation

Aptar Beauty + Home offers ultra-customization with Serumony Morphing

Created for the most precious formulas, this breakthrough innovation with its very feminine and high-precision application is now transforming. Using color filters, Serumony has the capability take on an ultra-sophisticated look or a more technological look.

Serumony Morphing provides truly personal branding

Serumony enables the beauty players to put their stamp on this unique packaging by displaying their positioning or adorning it in various colors. Serumony Morphing offers a philosophy and a spirit dedicated to customization.

New features of Serumony:
– Push-button in galvanized ABS lockable version is available
– Push-button in self-colored ABS is available

Serumony is airless expert packaging and is available in a 15ml format and will be available in a 10ml format during the second half of 2015. For more information, please contact

January 8, 2015

Exclusive Collection - Be Stylish, Be Different

Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to present the Exclusive Collection, a range of different techniques and decorations to give perfumes a special and distinctive touch.

Elegance and a simple design with vertical stripes featuring stamping.


Miniature scale pattern featuring embossing.


In the industrial spirit, with a patina finish, featuring antiquing.


Graceful and feminine floral patterns featuring silk screening.


Delicate matte and shiny graphic patterns with a laser finish.


Originally textured, sensory effect using electrostatic powdering.


Sensual, feminine animal patterns featuring double anodization.


Be stylish, be different. Aptar’s Exclusive Collection.

For more information, please send an email to



January 5, 2015

Aptar Presents the Blue Collection

Aptar’s new textile designs for its bulb atomizer are centered around the legendary color blue in the perfume industry.

The bulb atomizer by Aptar is the first leak-proof bulb with a quarter-turn locking system, which can be delivered already on the bottle. It was designed with the fragrance in mind, with no contact between the bulb and the fragrance. Aptar’s Blue Collection bulb atomizer focuses on the following materials.

The Essential Mesh

This design incorporates new graphic effects featuring gingham, stripes, variations on denim and sparkling blues.

Blue Collection product

A New Take on Polyester

For the first time, the fabric used for the bulb offers new and original decoration printing alternatives such as floral, zebra and night sky patterns. The bulb is transformed into a graphic representation, giving brands a wide array of possibilities to visibly express a connection with iconic elements of their image or their fashion collections.

Blue Collection product2

For more information on Aptar’s Blue Collection, please send an email to

December 9, 2014

Luxe Pack News 2014

Aptar has a strong market-oriented innovation strategy.

In order to emphasize our market-oriented focus, new Aptar solutions were featured this year in a unique exhibit at the Luxe Pack Monaco event from October 27 – 29. Aptar’s exhibit booth included areas dedicated to each market sector, similar to what consumers might find in their own shops.

This presentation reflects our global market strategy, taking into consideration the expectations of our customers and the unique needs of end consumers in different market sectors and geographical regions.  Our presentation strategy at Luxe Pack Monaco provided a comprehensive illustration of this approach. Below are products and highlights from Aptar’s exhibit at Luxe Pack Monaco.  

Aptar Beauty + Home  new fragrance products 

Exclusive Collection: a range of different techniques and decorations, giving perfumes a special and distinctive touch.


Blue Collection: new textile interpretations of our bulb atomizer centered around  the legendary color blue in the perfume industry. Through this range, we will present a new textile offering innovative possibilities in terms of creativity and differentiation for the brands.

Blue Collection

Aptar Beauty + Home  personal care products 

Runway:  a pressurized packaging trigger accessory that is intuitive, secure, comfortable and easy to use. The accessory locks for security on shelf, in transit and in storage.  Runway can be actuated as a trigger or using traditional button with improved ergonomics and features twist-to-lock technology from Aptar Beauty + Home. 

Bravo: a flip-top that is both minimalist and luxurious, thanks to the shiny/matte combination. Bravo features environmentally conscious innovation that incorporates high production efficiencies and lightweight design. These features allow for less material input and improved parts per package ratio as compared to earlier generation flip top closures. Bravo is suitable for a wide range of standard bottles and features a straight line fitment between the bottle and the easy-fit cap, allowing for faster filling on the production line. 

Vita: new one-hand distribution system. Thanks to its unique design, Vita ensures clean and effective handling for the application of all aqueous solutions with cotton pads. Vita is an innovative solution for makeup removal products, baby-care products and nail applications.

Aptar Beauty + Home skin care products based on two main themes

Ultra-customization with Serumony Morphing: Serumony, a breakthrough innovation created for the most precious formulas, offers a high-precision application.  Serumony Morphing showcases the ability to transform the package design by multiplying the effects of colors and transparency. It enables the players in the world of beauty to take ownership of this unique package and display their positioning so it becomes fully theirs.

Serumony Morphing

Talilor-made cosmetics with Serumony Mixology: this Serumony range promotes formulas and positions itself as a booster solution offer aimed at customizing your daily moisturizer with the active ingredient(s) meeting your current needs.

Official launch into makeup market 

In addition to these major innovations, Luxe Pack Monaco marks the official launch of Aptar Beauty + Home in the makeup market and the launch of Aptar’s first innovation for complexion. As a brand expert, Aptar Beauty + Home brings its dispensing expertise to offer true tailor-made solutions. Each texture has its packaging solution and each event-driven operation has its own personalized promotional solution.

Lastly, in our endeavor to shake up conventional beauty rules, Aptar Beauty + Home launches Serumony Nude Touch for instant beauty touch ups. Ultra-compact with its mini format, ultra-precise thanks to its micro-dosing ability and ultra-fashionable with its stream-lined design, the product fits easily into your purse, becoming the go to accessory that can be used at all times of the day for a perfect complexion.

Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to enter a new era of highly colorful beauty.

December 4, 2014

Runway Wins 2014 BAMA Innovation Award

Runway, the new dual action aerosol accessory from Aptar, wins the 2014 British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) award in the category of innovation.

Aptar’s Runway dispensing solution received critical acclaim as “bordering on revolutionary” by the BAMA judges in the category of innovation. The winners were revealed during the annual BAMA gala dinner held in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, UK on October 16.  BAMA is a leading trade association for the aerosol industry in the UK.

Earlier this year, Runway won the Pack the Future Award from ELIPSO and IK, professional organizations representing the plastic and flexible packaging industry in France and Germany. The Pack the Future Awards promote creativity and innovation in the sector of sustainable plastic and flexible packaging in order to provide new, effective, attractive and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Runway offers consumers a choice of spray action, either actuate vertically or via the trigger for maximum ease of use. The standard vertical actuation is suited for short, precise applications whereas using the integrated trigger is the most convenient choice for longer use. Runway can be locked securely utilizing Aptar’s proven integrated twist-to-lock technology. The bold and distinctive look guarantees shelf appeal as the two-color option enhances brand differentiation.

Runway is easy and comfortable to use, providing better dispensing control as it allows 360° actuation. It fits on the industry standard one inch mounting cup. The trigger offers benefits for many product applications where consumers want to easily spray all areas of the body. Anticipated applications include sun protection products and hair sprays. The BAMA  judges also indicated that this product could be used by those with hand mobility problems. One judge stated, “This brings ease of use for people with restricted movement and for dispensing product in hard-to-reach areas such as one’s back. We foresee a lot of applications.”

More information regarding all 2014 winners will be available shortly on BAMA homepage:

Picture by All rights reserved BAMA Awards 2014

Accepting the award: Peter Shaw, Aptar Beauty + Home Sales Director, UK

Discover Runway, download the Aptar_Runway_Aerosol_Actuator_Sales_Sheet

December 2, 2014

Aptar Beauty + Home Launches New 20-410 SofTips

Aptar Beauty + Home expands the SofTips product line, offering a new direct to hair or skin sensory application closure with a 20-410 neck finish.

Aptar’s patented SofTips valve technology delivers precise dispensing control and product cut-off of viscous formulas and serums.  The soft, tactile feel of the silicone valve creates a unique experience for the consumer.

Use PinPoint’s fine tip for targeted application or RibbonTip’s broad tip for wider dispensing patterns and viscous formulas.

Aptar Beauty + Home offers a wide selection of accessories, dispensers and closures. For more information, visit


October 30, 2014

Aptar Presents at World Aerosol Congress in Buenos Aires

During the 2014 World Aerosol Congress and the 8th Latin American Aerosol Congress that took place in Buenos Aires, Aptar participated as a major player in the growing global aerosol market.

In order to demonstrate Aptar’s expertise in aerosol development, Greg Erickson, Product Innovation Director for Personal Care, presented an overview of the different challenges as well as of the complex relationships between the can, valve and actuator.

Latin America is a major global aerosol producer with a volume of two billion units annually and is the region with the strongest growth over the last five years, reaching 50%. The region  has become an exporter of finished products for critical global consumption centers.


Photo: Greg Erickson, Product Innovation Director, Aptar

October 16, 2014

Aptar Launches Breakthrough Airless Serum Dropper

Serumony, a breakthrough advancement in luxury serum droppers, delivers precision in an airless package.

The minimalistic design offers a one-touch gesture to dispense beauty serums.

Serumony provides a sensory experience through a completely intuitive and convenient gesture.  With light pressure on actuation, Serumony provides an accurate dose of formula while retaining its hygienic properties. A drop of serum is dispensed directly onto the skin without ever having to touch the applicator. The package is iconic, elegant, and offers infinite customization possibilities to communicate brand identity.

View a short, animated video about this luxury serum dropper.


Serumony … break the rules of beauty!

July 30, 2014

Aptar Develops Next-Generation Fragrance Pump

Aptar’s next-generation fragrance pump, Precious, delivers an almost vapor-like cloud, creating a long-lasting mist of soft fragrance.

Perfect for the consumer looking for the newest luxury experience in fragrance, Precious offers a continuous diffusion spray combined with gentle actuation unlike anything yet seen in the fragrance market.

The mist is lush and lasting, with a very soft and linear spray actuation. Precious diffuses fragrances into a mist that is three times longer than standard pumps. A light veil of fragrance is sent onto the skin without any droplets or wetness. The dimension of this spray speaks to its quality and luxurious characteristics, providing a smooth dispensing experience.

July 25, 2014