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Aptar Beauty + Home Launches Tropico, Multiple Stream Dispensing ...

Aptar Beauty + Home’s newest innovation, Tropico, was designed for the Home Care market and targets the Surface Care application field by allowing a direct application of the product onto the floor. Our new product combines the “ease of squeeze” with a delightful and unique multiple stream dispense, when a single stream just won’t do. Tropico provides the ultimate dispensing stream delivery with a fast and easy squeeze. The Tropico package dispenses and disperses product everywhere you want, going the distance for superior cleaning coverage.


Key Features of Tropico by Aptar

Easy Actuation
Simply invert and squeeze for product flow
Ability to control pattern size by varying amount of pressure applied to package

Superior Cleaning Coverage
Allows direct surface application
Multiple orifices create stream pattern resulting in a wider product dispersion
Continuous product flow gives consumers the ultimate control and a wide dispensing gesture for superior surface coverage

Unique shower-like pattern a delightful experience
Two color options that allows on-shelf differentiation

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November 9, 2016

Proteo by Aptar: Innovative Flexible Packaging Concept Launches i...

Global dispensing leader, Aptar, launches convenient dispensing sachet

Aptar’s newest innovative dispensing concept called Proteo is a unique form of 50ml transportable, resealable, flexible packaging developed in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro was the setting for the product launch, focused on the retail industry and designed to meet various categories of personal care products. Proteo is designed to serve consumers who are looking for convenience and embracing the trend to carry products “on me”.

With its chic, flat design, Proteo can be taken anywhere and is easy to open and close because of the dispenser fitment format. The flexible package fits in tight spaces and also allows for easy and complete emptying of products such as sunscreens.

Proteo can help to optimize the consumer shopping experience and accelerate growth of the brands. The format allows unique promotional options, including point of purchase displays, sampling and merchandising. The packaging has a large, flat “billboard” for art, giving prominence to the brand and instructional communication.

“Proteo has been very well accepted because the package is lightweight, flexible and easy to store. It is a product consumers can take with them everywhere because it allows easy access and full use of the package’s contents,” said Mirelle Orpinelli, Aptar Regional Market Development.

We invite you to watch a short video about Proteo.

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October 20, 2016

Aptar Beauty + Home Receives 2016 Prix Formes De Luxe Awards

Aptar Beauty + Home is honored to receive two Prix Formes de Luxe awards for the new fragrance gesture “Note” used for J’Adore Touche de Parfum by Dior. The awards were for the dispensing system and the Grand Prize for Innovation (Grand Prix de l’Innovation).

J’Adore Touche de Parfum was the result of a close collaboration between Aptar Beauty + Home and Parfums Christian Dior teams.


With Note, Aptar Beauty + Home has reinvented a timeless gesture of fragrance being applied directly to the skin with a delicate simple finesse. This innovation helps create a unique fragrance experience, intimate and sensual, ideal for more concentrated perfumes. The secret behind Note is the system that automatically recharges after every use, enhancing the consumer experience.

“This unparalleled technique makes J’adore Touche de Parfum an absolute technological gem. We were blown away by this new system for applying fragrance and knew right away that it was a perfect fit for the product we were developing. We needed a new application method, something different from that of a traditional fragrance. In other words, a highly feminine and precise touch. On top of that, we were looking to make a bottle for women on the go, for them to carry in their purse and reapply at any time throughout the day,” explained the team behind J’Adore by Parfums Christian Dior.

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October 19, 2016

L’Oréal and Aptar Collaborate on New Hair Mousse Styling Foam

L’Oréal recently launched its new Elnett Crème de Mousse styling foam featuring a rich mousse with satin touch and an elegant custom-designed accessory from Aptar Beauty + Home.

The new mousse features a chic gold can and aerosol accessory reminiscent of a lotion dispenser in both appearance and functionality. The mousse also includes a transit clip and twist-to-open mechanism, preventing the product from dispensing in transit from the store, or during shipping.

The intuitive dispenser design offers consumers choice of use as the package can be picked up for hand-to-hand application, or conveniently set on the counter to dispense.

As a result of the collaboration between L’Oréal and Aptar Beauty + Home, the hair mousse format has been redefined into an exclusive design with excellent dispensing functionality.

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September 27, 2016

Aptar Beauty + Home to Feature Oil Workshop (l’Atelier des Huil...

At this year’s Luxe Pack Monaco show from September 21 to 23, Aptar Beauty + Home is focusing on a trend that stands out across all segments of the beauty sector: oil.

This formulation is currently experiencing record growth because of to its sensorial properties and natural connotations, and as a result of the substantial progress made in R&D, which has expanded both the efficiency and sensory appeal of oil.

Aptar Beauty + Home invites you to visit The Oil Workshop (l’Atelier des Huiles), an innovation space which highlights our initiatives for embracing this trend in our Facial Skin Care, Sampling and Promotion, Fragrance, Hair Care and Sun Care ranges. Step into this ultra-sensory universe, where you can explore the different gestures for applying oils.

Today, facial oils are the new beauty elixirs. Read the full article here.

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September 20, 2016

Shigeta Selects Fine Mist Spray Pump for Awakening Rose Water Mis...

Shigeta, the French-Japanese organic cosmetics brand, has selected Aptar Beauty + Home’s Mist’erious cosmetic spray due to its enveloping mist action that is dedicated to well-being.

Shigeta’s Awakening Rose Water Mist is made up of 100% of pure organic rose floral water. It contains no additives or preservatives. This facial mist provides an abundance of benefits to promote softness. It soothes, regenerates, and refines skin texture, helping to perfect makeup.

Other features include soft and adjustable actuation for excellent dosage control. The long and continuous spray, up to three times longer than a traditional spray, produces an ethereal cloud. This continuous spray features a reliable and robust cartridge with a “long-time spray” insert.

Mist’erious can be easily adjusted to fit bottles with screw tops, crimp tops or expanded tops, and is available with a metal or plastic collar.

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September 1, 2016

Aptar Beauty + Home Teams with New Cosmetics Firm Cha Ling

Cha Ling is an independent startup company created and led by Guerlain’s CEO, Laurent Boillot. The new product line of creams, fragrances, serums and more, was created using tea from the Yunnan region of China and enables Cha Ling to cultivate beauty with happiness. Cha Ling has applied French beauty expertise to its new product line, while preserving the Chinese culture.

Aptar Beauty + Home’s EvoClassic solution met the Cha Ling brand’s needs by providing a classic, robust design. The EvoClassic solution is available in a standard plastic version that can be metallized for brands requiring more premium positioning. The copper-colored metallized effect on the actuator and collar chosen for the package provides a simple look that is very on trend. The clear cap shows EvoClassic’s locking actuator, which provides enhanced security.

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July 28, 2016

Aptar Beauty + Home and Dior Awarded for J’adore Touche de Parf...

Dior’s J’adore Touche de Parfum was selected as the Best 2016 Fragrance Packaging by Cosmetiquemag, a leading French magazine, and received also a second award entitled, Coup de coeur du jury (jury’s favorite).

Cosmetiquemag awarded Dior for its exceptional fragrance and design featuring a sensory innovation from Aptar, called Note. The J’adore Touche de Parfum was selected from a list of eight nominees by a panel of judges with responsibilities ranging from Editor in Chief to Brand Managing Director within the cosmetic industry.

With Note, Aptar Beauty +Home has reinvented a timeless gesture from an era when fragrance used to be applied to the skin with a delicate, simple finesse using a glass cap.


What is the secret behind Note? A transparent applicator, similar to a drop of fragrance. Each time you open the cap, the applicator fills itself automatically, ready to apply the perfume gradually on desired points.

The result is a unique fragrance experience, intimate and sensual, and ideal for perfumes.

Since its launch, many fragrance experts recognize Note as a significant packaging innovation within the fragrance market. Aptar Beauty + Home was pleased to launch Note by having one of the most prestigious fragrance brands select Note for its leading line.

Award Photo (left to right): Sandra Arnal, Marketing Director France, Dior Parfums; Philippe Altmeyer, Sales Manager LVMH, Aptar Beauty + Home; Sabine Bouillet-Lubot, Strategic Marketing Manager Fragrance,  Aptar Beauty + Home;  Thierry Chapelier, Development Packaging Conceptor, Dior Parfums; Pauline Mary, Packaging Development Manager, Dior Parfums.

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July 11, 2016

Aptar Beauty + Home Recognized as Supplier of the Year by NACD

The National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) is committed to the distribution of quality packaging components by establishing the market connection between manufacturers/producers and users.

The selection of the supplier of the year is based on criteria such as leadership, education, marketing, technology, product support and communication.

Aptar Beauty + Home was recognized as the 2016 Supplier of the Year for having “consistently shown their ability to stand out” on the criteria mentioned above.  This is second time in three years that Aptar Beauty + Home has been recognized as supplier of the year.

Photo (Left to Right): Chris Hyland (Director, Distribution Sales, Aptar), Gary Burns (NACD President, Empire/EMCO), Jim Henkel (Vice President, Beauty + Home Sales North America, Aptar)

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July 11, 2016

Serumony Featured on Sothys' New Wrinkle Corrector

Sothys, a beauty salon and spa specialist, is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the introduction of the BX wrinkle corrector.

Launched in March 2016, the BX wrinkle corrector will act as a daily micro-dose of dermo-smoothing peptides, specifically targeting the expression lines and wrinkles caused by everyday micro facial contractions. This new generation cosmetic product can be used as an alternative, or as an enhancement, to botulinum toxin injections.

Sothys has chosen Serumony, the high-precision packaging from Aptar Beauty + Home, to meet its requirements and reinforce the technical image of its new beauty treatment.

The Serumony packaging offers five major advantages that benefit this new generation product:

  • Airless system that protects the hyper-concentrated gel which is susceptible to oxidation
  • Intuitive dispensing system
  • Extreme precision dosage and application enabling consumers to target the zones concerned: forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines and laughter lines
  • Excellent restitution
  • Wide range of decorative possibilities

Aptar Beauty + Home is a solution partner providing packaging dispensing systems for the beauty, personal care and home care markets.

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June 9, 2016

Lionel de Benetti's New Brand Features Aptar Beauty + Home

Lionel de Benetti has created his first facial skincare product by teaming with Aptar Beauty + Home

Lionel de Benetti sought to develop a product to suit all skin types, suitable for all ages and levels of skin sensitivity. The product required a high concentration of the main active ingredients, which in turn need to be protected while the product is being used as they are susceptible to oxidization. For this reason, Lionel de Benetti selected Aptar Beauty + Home’s airless system to safeguard these ingredients.

“This facial skincare product requires an airless container to ensure that the product does not come into contact with an atmosphere where oxidization is possible. The tests carried out by Aptar Beauty + Home show that its dispensing system protects the product from contamination,” he explains.

Lionel de Benetti opted for simplicity for his first facial skincare product, choosing the see through, 40 ml version of the Aptar’s Irresistible packaging range. Due to its unique airless technology, Irresistible offers cosmetic brands a complete dispensing system that has been developed for the most sensitive formulas. Its multi-layer, pocket-sized bottle and dispensing system provide high performance and protection against exterior contamination, contributing to excellent hygiene.

Aptar Beauty + Home is a solution partner providing packaging dispensing systems for the beauty, personal care and home care markets.

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June 9, 2016

Aptar Beauty + Home Delivers Optimal Tool for Surface Cleaning

In 2015, the global market for the ‘surface cleaning’ category was estimated at $20.2bn according to Euromonitor International, with the sub-category of ‘multi-purpose cleaners’ contributing to one-third of the market estimate. Aptar studied consumer behavior to understand this market and to deliver a solution based upon consumers’ need for convenience and control in their cleaning regime.

Multi-purpose cleaners offer consumers a faster and easier cleaning routine without sacrificing cleanliness.  Although these cleaners can decrease the overall amount of products consumers use to clean their homes, they still have to use multiple package platforms because there is no single product that can reach all cleaning areas – until now.

Runway Trigger + Bag On Valve (BOV) = Optimal Cleaning Tool

The aerosol platform provides continuous delivery of product and coupled with our bag on valve (BOV) technology, we can offer pure product delivery at any angle.  But top it with Runway, the newest pressurized packaging trigger from Aptar, and you have the optimal cleaning tool.  With its patented dual actuation, it gives the consumers a dispensing choice in their cleaning regime.  Actuate with the finger on top to deliver product for short applications, or as a trigger for longer applications.

Imagine needing only one product and package to clean an entire bathroom.  Actuate as a traditional button for short bursts for cleaning your mirror. Next, switch to the trigger and spray the entire sink and surrounding counter area.  Lastly, use Runway with Aptar’s BOV technology for toilet cleaning, easily reaching under the rim and sides due to the 360 degree actuation. The entire bathroom can be cleaned without ever having to stop and change cleaners or packages.  Truly one product does it all.

A  fast and easy experience that puts the consumer in control of their cleaning.

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BOV small 2

Aptar Beauty + Home Launches New GS Adoré Lotion Pump with Clip

Aptar Beauty + Home’s new GS Adoré lotion pump with clip is specially designed to guarantee on-shelf differentiation. GS Adoré follows the market trend with a modern design applied to a standard product family. GS Adoré is a new design that uses the Aptar Beauty + Home standard GS lotion pump platform and allows the client to introduce a new aesthetic without requiring a customized solution.  GS Adoré has a matte finish and is available with dosages of 1.2 or 2cc, with a lockable feature and a special clip that protects the orifice of the actuator. Different closure neck finishes and styles are available in 24 and 28mm diameter.

Key features of GS Adoré by Aptar:

  • Lock up design
  • Special clip that protects the orifice of the actuator
  • Different closure necks and different closure styles available on 24 and 28 mm diameter
  • Metal shell option available only without clip

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May 23, 2016

Cosm’in: Ideal Portable Package Solution from Aptar

With its new, on-the-go travel pack using Aptar Cosm’in for easy portability, Mèreadesso® extends its single step, effortless and multi-purpose skincare collection. The new collection includes a tinted, all-in-one travel size moisturizer.

The convenient 7ml / 0.20 fl.oz. lightweight, leak-proof, multi-use flexible Cosm’in packaging is the perfect match to preserve and protect the formulation. It also offers portability, along with a controlled and reusable dispensing system. The multi-layer foil packet is compatible with a very large scope of formulas, making it ideal for cream, foundation, lotion, sun care, hair care and more. The  flexible technology allows for formats ranging from 3ml to 15ml as well as providing many decoration options on the foil and also on the cap and the flat closure for strong brand visibility.

Mèreadesso® founder and CEO, Linda Stephenson, also worked with Arcade Beauty to find the perfect packaging for on-the-go life style.

“Many of our customers continue to require unique, small and convenient packaging for either sampling or retail distribution. The partnership of Arcade Beauty and Aptar Beauty + Home, around the development of the Cosm’in package, is a great example in answering market and customer requirements.”

Cosm’in, is the ideal turnkey “one-stop-shop” solution designed for multichannel distribution for on-the-go travel packs to trial size amenities to gift with purchase to sampling offerings.

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March 15, 2016

Aptar's Precious Spray Pump for Poison Girl Provides Enchanting S...

Christian Dior’s legendary perfume called Poison has been reinvented in the form of a new daring, signature fragrance for young women.

The Precious spray from Aptar Beauty + Home meets the needs of Parfums Christian Dior and provides a delicate floral mist with an irresistible touch. Aptar’s pump produces a spray which combines gentle activation and continuous diffusion, to create a mist effect due to extremely fine particles.

Precious reveals the sensuality of this floral fragrance, which is delicately spiced with tonka bean, a hint of vanilla and essence of Grasse rose.

“Poison Girl is immediately recognizable, an uncompromising signature,” explains François Demachy, Perfumer at Dior.

With its enveloping mist, Aptar’s Precious spray pump is helping to enhance the signature fragrance of Poison Girl by Christian Dior.

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March 15, 2016

Glacier by Aptar Launches in Argentina

Glacier is Aptar’s new, mono-injected closure with a smooth and modern style, highlighted by an elegant gloss finish. Glacier offers a renewed design of the 25mm closure, adaptable to most of the standard bottles in the market.

The closure allows for inverted or upright use in order to provide increased on-shelf differentiation. Glacier’s flat closure deck can easily be wiped clean and the lid offers a latch back function increases the convenience of the inverted use. Glacier by Aptar provides brand differentiation and consumer convenience to customers.

Key Features of Glacier by Aptar:

  • Inverted and upright use
  • On-shelf differentiation
  • Flat closure deck for cleaner use
  • Latch back function for improved convenience

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March 9, 2016

Vague de Fraîcheur Selects Glencoe Twist-Lock Aerosol Accessory ...

With Aptar’s twist-lock actuator, consumers are delighted about the capability to lock their deodorant and throw it into their handbag for on-the-go use. The new Glencoe system from Aptar Beauty + Home can be locked securely with a twist and was recently selected by Vague de Fraîcheur for their new elegant deodorant packaging.

Aptar’s Glencoe twist-to-lock design is playful and intuitive. The actuator has been designed to emit an audible “click” when opening and closing. Because of the twist-lock hoodless design there is no chance of losing the cap. The orifice remains exposed in an open and locked position. The high quality look is also one of reasons Vague de Fraîcheur selected Glencoe.

Glencoe combines a sleek profile with broad finger pad for comfortable and convenient actuation. The two-color option also enhances brand differentiation. Multiple spray insert options are available for Glencoe including the AT (antiperspirant) version.

The design works well on assembly lines and fits the industry standard one inch mounting cup. The twist-to-lock design of Glencoe is in line with Aptar’s portfolio of twist-lock actuators including Moritz, Vail, Runway and Glide by Aptar Beauty + Home.

The eye-catching design and dispensing experience of Glencoe is suitable for Personal Care and Home Care packaging applications.

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March 9, 2016

Video: Serumony Featured in the PhysioLift Skin Care Range from L...

Aptar Beauty + Home is contributing to the success of Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène’s PhysioLift range with its premium airless Serumony packaging. With over 20 years of anti-aging dermatological expertise in sensitive skin care, Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène has launched a trio of new, exclusive and patented actives to rebuild skin structure by smoothing out wrinkles and leaving the skin firmer and brighter.

“We wanted to team with Aptar Beauty + Home for the launch of the PhysioLift range after working together on the YsthéAL anti-aging range when it was updated in 2013. So naturally we have once again favored the Irresistible pump to remain consistent with our range of anti-aging solutions,” explains Laboratoires Avène.

Aptar Beauty + Home completes the PhysioLift range of airless pumps by providing the PhysioLift Précision 15 ml, a treatment for filling in furrows and deep wrinkles, using its Serumony premium airless packaging.

We invite you to view a brief video showcasing Aptar’s airless serum dropper for the PhysioLift Skin Care line.

This is the first time that Serumony has been used in dermo-cosmetics. A specific solution, with a valve-type nozzle, has been developed for high precision product application and optimum efficiency, in addition to an ultra-airtight packaging solution that is highly acclaimed for its extreme precision and ease of use.

In combining the technical specifications, elegance and modernity of Serumony, the PhysioLift anti-aging range is a new type of beauty ritual accessible to all consumers.

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January 26, 2016

Brazil baby care line, Pom Pom, teams with Aptar Beauty + Home to...

In partnership with Aptar Beauty + Home, the baby care product line in Brazil, Pom Pom, was granted the “Grandes Cases de Embalagem” (Great Packaging Cases) award by Embalagem Marca magazine, in recognition of excellence in Brazilian packaging.

Pom Pom’s baby bath and care lines were recognized for strong packaging aspects such as innovation, harmony and clarity of the information, commercial claim, ergonomics, product utilization and sustainability.

Aptar Beauty + Home provides dispensing solutions for the Pom Pom line of baby products, including bi-injected closures with Mini Sense for shampoo and conditioner, the Camelia closure for cologne, as well as the EuroMist spray pump for detangling spray. Aptar Beauty + Home’s solutions offer smooth, bicolor designs that present a modern design together with a convenient use.

This is the second award that Pom Pom has received for packaging this year. Pom Pom has also received an award from the Brazilian Association of Packaging (ABRE), which recognizes excellence in packaging in areas such as quality, technology, design, functionality and innovation.

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January 22, 2016

Aptar Beauty + Home Wins Indiastar 2015 National Awards

Indiastar Awards, organized by the Indian Institute of Packaging, focuses on promoting and encouraging excellence in packaging design, innovation and technology. Indiastar Awards was established in 1972 and is a premier event in India’s packaging industry.

Known worldwide as an innovative dispensing solutions provider, Aptar Beauty + Home was awarded a 2015 Indiastar award in the category of Excellence in Consumer Packaging. Aptar Beauty + Home won with Fine Mist spray technology for FOGG deodorant.


Aptar’s non-aerosol Fine Mist technology used for FOGG deodorant is a one of its kind technology which doesn’t require propellant for dispensing and instead works on a precompression Fine Mist pump platform. This platform allows superior atomization for various products. The combination of the Fine Mist pump platform and a one inch mounting cup allows a proper connection to standard metal cans and can also be used for aerosols. This provides customers with the convenience of a predetermined and equal dosage with every pump action in uniform particle sizes and results in a long-lasting perfuming performance and enhanced consumer experience.

Photo: (Left to Right) Palak Shah (Aptar), Ritu Mukherji (Aptar), Tom Schneider (President, WPO), Pardeep Wazir (Aptar)

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December 23, 2015