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A Boom in Anti-Pollution Barrier Formulas

Patrick Bousquel, EMEA Marketing Director Business Unit Skincare and Color Cosmetics at Aptar

With urban pollution worsening and aggravated by climate change, consumers have become more aware that they need to protect their skin from the harmful combined effects of UV rays and fine particles. Brands have started addressing this need with “shield” formulas.

Greater awareness in anti-pollution needs

The environmental urgency is felt by a growing number of consumers, and especially urbanites. More than 95% of consumers in France, Germany and Italy feel that pollution is a problem and nearly 4 out of 10 French people believe that pollution levels will worsen in the coming years.

Not only do fine particles cause an increase in chronic respiratory illnesses when inhaled, but they also have an impact on the skin. When fine particles land on the skin, they overstimulate AhR receptors, upsetting the skin’s natural defenses and setting off reactions that lead to the appearance of irritation and even inflammation and discomfort such as itching, redness or excessive sebum production. Moreover, the body produces free radicals to fight oxidative stress, leading to accelerating aging, similar to aging caused by smoking and UV rays.

A lasting trend in cosmetics

Anti-pollution cosmetics, which first emerged on the Asian market around ten years ago, already made up more than a third (38%) of the cosmetics market in 2016. In Europe, many brands have developed the segment with “barrier” formulas and the number of product launches grew 207% between 2016 and 2017. In 2018, at least 165 new products had “anti-pollution” properties. Clarins was a pioneer in the field with the 2007 launch of its Expertise 3P range that protects against both atmospheric and electromagnetic pollution. Garancia also released its Ma VAP Bien Aimée fixing and mattifying spray, while Uriage has just launched its Age Protect range, which offers protection from both pollution and blue light.

Protecting the protection

This trend is part of a larger industry movement towards formulas with fewer preservatives and begs the question of the protective ability of packaging. Acting in synergy with the formula, it must offer a sufficient level of performance and sealing to ensure the product is both effective and safe over time and in use. It must protect the protective formula.

Source: Mintel 2017

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December 14, 2018

Prebiotics and Probiotics: From Niche to Mainstream

By Florence Roullet, Beauty Formulations and Materials Director at Aptar

If our gut is our “second brain”, our skin flora is the natural shield for our skin. Formulas enriched with prebiotics and probiotics are becoming more widespread and promise a more natural approach to skincare.

Many popular science and press articles have helped teach the public about the gut microbiome. We now know that the billions of microorganisms that regulate our digestive system interact with our central nervous system. These interactions explain, for example, are why we get a “knot in our stomach” when stressed, but they also open the door to a dizzying array of research possibilities, such as the potential correlation between an altered gut microbiome and certain types of neurodegenerative disorders*.

Our bacterial friends

The same goes for our skin. The latest advances in dermatological research have shown that “good” bacteria on our skin plays a protective role. After decades of using overly abrasive cleansers, it has now been proven that there is a correlation between a decline in skin flora and certain skin irritations and inflammations. This has led maternity wards to now wait longer before giving newborns a bath to ensure the maternal microbiota has been transferred via the amniotic fluid.

Prebiotics and probiotics

The movement has gone from niche to mainstream and is gaining momentum. Formulas are enriched with pre- and probiotics – microorganisms cultivated to complete or nourish the microbiota – that “support the skin microbiome,” such as those produced by brands like Gallinée, Orveda or Lancôme with its Génifique range. The trend is growing stronger in Europe, and the United States does not want to be left behind. AO + Mist, by the brand Mother Dirt, is a mist enriched with “peacekeeper” bacteria that can restore the skin’s natural balance.

Ensuring the survival of living bacteria

Conservation is a real challenge for these especially fragile formulas. While the mist by Mother Dirt can only be kept for up to six weeks in the refrigerator (four weeks at room temperature), consumers expect most products to last much longer. To guarantee the efficacy of these formulas with living microorganisms, they must be able to survive and so packaging must be 100% airtight.

*Source: NCBI

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December 13, 2018

Welcome to the Golden Age of “Clean Cosmetics”

By Alain Crozier, Ph.D. in microbiology and founder of Cle@n Cosmetic Consulting.

Just like the agrifood industry, the dermocosmetic sector is experiencing a real paradigm shift. The trend is leaning towards cleaner, preservative-free formulas. Please welcome “clean cosmetics” – a phenomenon that can be explained and interpreted in the following three ways.

1- A crisis of confidence is here

In 2017, just 30% of French people and 24% of Italians interviewed by Mintel said they trusted the beauty industry to ensure the safety of its cosmetic products. Although individual preservatives that are still authorized do not carry any risk of harm, it is true that the myriad cosmetics and toiletries that we use every day might make us nervy about a possible ‘cocktail effect’ that still isn’t fully understood. We are talking here about shower gels, shampoos, makeup removers, face creams and so on.

2. The “free from” era reaches the dermocosmetic sector

The dermocosmetic industry, in the line of fire in this crisis of confidence, was very quick to react. Most players are revising their formulations, removing controversial substances and, at the same time, shortening their lists of ingredients to make them easier to understand.

The wave of “free from” promises for parabens, preservatives, phthalates, silicone, colorings, fragrances… has hit the industry! As such, between July 2017 and July 2018, out of 16,378 face-care product launches, 2,708 included the words “paraben-free” and 1,991 “preservative-free.”

3. All out to protect fragile formulas

Let us not forget that a preservative is a substance designed to prevent the development of microorganisms. And so, if the principal component of most cosmetic formulas is water, to which we add the elements of air and heat found in a bathroom, then we create the perfect conditions for microbial proliferation! If preservatives are no longer welcome, then we face the challenge of protecting formulas that are a lot more fragile than they used to be. As the market isn’t ready to accept the daily single-use format, containers are now even more critical than ever. Preservation with regard to shelf life and use is now in the hands of the synergistic abilities of the packaging to provide a real barrier against contamination and oxidation.

Mistrust of preservatives has finally opened the door to greater transparency. While the precautionary principle already applies to the regulatory authorities, manufacturers are now banking on innovation when it comes to their packaging.

Sources: Mintel

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December 4, 2018

Hello Indie Beauty Brands, Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Aptar Beauty + Home Launches as First Global Dispensing Manufacturer on Independent Beauty Media Group’s Newest Platform: Uplink.

It is no surprise that indie beauty brands are rapidly outpacing category growth across all segments, and with this growth comes the demand for a direct connection with key suppliers. In an effort to align with indie brands, Aptar Beauty + Home is the first global dispensing manufacturer to become a launch partner and verified vendor with Indie Beauty Media Group’s (IBMG) newest resource for indies: Uplink.

Uplink was created by IBMG as a solution to meet the needs of small brands – assisting small business owners and founders with finding qualified partners to help their brands grow. Uplink provides a directory of suppliers and solution providers for brands, where they are able to submit RFQ’s or contact them directly for more information.

Brands are able to utilize Aptar’s expertise in dispensing, local technical support and industry knowledge to help them with their brand needs.

We recognize the importance of meeting emerging brands where they are, and providing the broad product range and level of support all of our valued customers receive. Being a Verified Vendor on Uplink opens a gateway of communication whereas brands may not have known we were accessible in the past. We look forward to working with them.” Eloi Fernandes, General Manager, Aptar Beauty, North America.

Small businesses rely heavily on outside service providers, but there was no trusted resource where beauty entrepreneurs could find quality providers quickly,” says IBMG co-founder Jillian Wright. “Knowing that a vendor has gone through a verification process by a trusted third-party gives you extra confidence. We are proud to help connect beauty entrepreneurs with reliable providers like Aptar.

Uplink officially launched September 4, 2018.

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September 25, 2018

Aptar and Fred Farrugia, a New Beauty Collaboration

Aptar Beauty + Home is proud to announce a new collaboration with Fred Farrugia, an internationally renowned make-up artist.

For the first time in the packaging industry, this unprecedented collaboration is about to reset the codes of color cosmetics world. The shared goal at the root of the collaboration is to reinvent the segment so that formulas, packaging and makeup gestures come together in perfect harmony.

Very early on, Fred Farrugia knew he was destined for the beauty world. With his innate sense of color and his distinct creative vision, he collaborated with some of the most renowned photographers, including Peter Lindbergh, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Jean-Paul Goude before meeting Jean Paul Gaultier and working with him on his first ever Haute Couture show.

In 1997, Lancôme discovered him, and for eight years, he was in charge of creating the house’s makeup products as its artistic director. He was the brains behind the famous Juicy Tube, the first lip gloss ever to be packaged in a tube and still on the market to this day. A true packaging revolution at the time, this iconic product set the tone for his ongoing passion for design and the essential relationship between the product and its packaging. Based on his experience, in 2004 Fred Farrugia decided to create his eponymous brand. After five years in development, he launched a portable palette that could be personalized and was designed by Ora Ito and made up of modules to be combined and clipped together. The mix-and-match collection was composed of foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lip products to be applied with either a brush, a sponge or fingertips thanks to their adaptable textures. His aim was to liberate women’s beauty routines, making it easier and more instinctive to use makeup. This high-end concept that combined innovation, aesthetics and ergonomics was an instant hit with the media, consumers and professionals alike.

Aptar Beauty + Home and Fred Farrugia have combined their know-how and creativity to offer products that are both innovative and instinctive, mixing creative freedom and quality.

We invite you to watch the video below which highlights this important collaboration.

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La Petite by Aptar Beauty + Home Selected for Amo, the New Ferrag...

There is a way of applying perfume to match any personality, culture or occasion. Aptar Beauty + Home is always inventing new application methods, with sprays ranging from the traditional to the ultra-sensory. Salvatore Ferragamo has chosen Aptar Beauty + Home to provide an ideal spray for its new fragrance, a bold and rebellious floral.

An unmistakably chic spray
In its quest to enrich the perfuming experience, Aptar Beauty + Home, a world leader in dispensing solutions for perfumery and cosmetics, has created La Petite, an ultra-compact system. The visible height is minimized and the body of the spray hidden. High-end technology that delivers an extremely fine and even spray. This discreet, elegant, new-generation spray, with a gentle and linear actuation, also benefits from total olfactory neutrality as the metal never comes into contact with the perfume.

La Petite proves to be an ideal companion for pragmatic consumers who apply their perfume quickly and effectively in a few seconds, an ideal choice for Amo Ferragamo, the new fragrance launched by the Italian brand.

Applying perfume, a new lifestyle approach
Initiated by Aptar Beauty + Home, the Ritual Codex is being enriched with new expressions.
Discover the guide to these rituals at:

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April 10, 2018

Uriage Selects Aptar Beauty + Home for its New Anti-Aging Product...

Uriage selected Aptar Beauty + Home’s Auriga City airless solution to protect its new product range called Age Protect, a multi-action formula which combats the signs of aging.

Aptar Beauty + Home’s airless solution preserves highly sensitive formulas intended for fragile skin.

Features include:

  • Compact and practical, the Auriga City airless solution guarantees excellent delivery of skin care formula, including dense formulas, without the slightest admission of air.
  • An integrated lockable on/off system. It can be easily carried while providing protection for the formula.
  • Refined, modern and ergonomic, Auriga City elegantly revolutionizes airless dispensers, offering a wide choice of decorations. Uriage’s Age Protect product range stands out with its on-the-go format and streamlined design.

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April 5, 2018

Aptar Beauty + Home Launches Closures Made of Post-Consumer Resin...

Sustainability is a key driver in the market today. Sustainability efforts are now well-integrated into the corporate fabric of a growing number of large and midsized companies.

A particular focus is being given to the ‘circular economy,’ where materials can be regenerated and constantly flow around a ‘closed loop’ system, rather than being used once and then discarded.

The benefits of the circular economy approach are clear for business and the environment – a more effective use of resources means lower costs and less waste, better risk management of raw materials, and improved approaches to the supply chain. This translates to new sources of value for customers and consumers.

To support the ongoing effort of creating a more sustainable economy, Aptar has launched a Sustainable Materials Task Force that addresses customer, consumer and regulatory expectations for sustainable product offerings.

The fundamental objectives are to create a reliable network of innovative sustainable material suppliers that have technical and supply capabilities, and to create a robust process with our suppliers to validate sustainable materials, enrich our database and offer ready-to-use solutions for our business.

Over the past few years, Aptar has evaluated and tested a number of sustainable resins at our plants. We continuously search for suppliers and sustainable materials that can be used to replace our standard fossil-based resins and are currently exploring post-consumer resins (PCR), post-industrial resins (PIR) and bio-based materials.

  • Post-consumer resin (PCR) is a plastic that has been re-processed to be reused in new manufacturing and consists of a blend of recycled resins that would have otherwise become urban waste.
  • Post-industrial resin (PIR) is plastic waste recovered from industrial processes and consists of a blend of recycled resins from industrial waste.
  • Bio-based material is made from organic feedstock and carbohydrate-rich plants, such as corn or sugar cane.

The first tangible outcome of our strong commitment to sustainable materials is the recent launch of Aptar’s tube top, snap top and disc top closures made of PCR resin. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this PCR polypropylene is blended with virgin polypropylene resin (50/50).

Further, among all tests being conducted on PCR, PIR and bio-based materials, it is key to mention the recent qualification of the GS and GSA dispensers with actuator, closure and dip tube components made of bio-based material.

The GS and GSA dispensers were the first dispensing systems on the global market to accomplish an LCA (life cycle assessment) and to achieve an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), and now, with the recent certification of bio-based material, aim to further reduce environmental impact.

Aptar is constantly looking to replace standard fossil-based resins with sustainable resins and has made it an area of focus within the company’s Innovation Excellence organization with the goal of increasing its offering of sustainable dispensing solutions for the market.

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Introducing the New SheerMist Insert

Aptar launched SheerMist – the new mechanical break-up insert that creates a gentle, fine mist spray. The SheerMist insert provides key benefits* to consumers including a soft, uniform and quick drying spray – the result of low spray flow rate and fine particle size dispersion.

SheerMist is ideal for compressed gas aerosols (Air/Nitrogen with Ariane Valve or Bag on Valve). Unlike some spray inserts, SheerMist maintains the quality of its spray performance throughout the product’s lifetime without loss of pressure. It also has the drying characteristics of sprays that use conventional liquefied propellants, while offering additional advantages, including reduced environmental impact, which has been validated by a Life Cycle Assessment; no need for the finished product to be classified as flammable (valid only for no alcohol or nonflammable ingredients); quieter dispersion, as aerosol products are more silent; pure formulation, and improved safety and affordability.

SheerMist is ideal for deodorant, body treatment, facial skincare (thermal water), air freshener, insect repellent, polish, duster or for any personal care or home care product that requires a soft, quick drying, fine spray. SheerMist is designed for alcohol or water-based formulations and is compatible with all aerosol accessories from the Aptar range, which allows marketers to customize the look and function of the package.

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* Key benefits are formulation dependent

February 20, 2018

Aptar Beauty + Home Showcases Breakthrough Dispensing Technologie...

Aptar Beauty + Home was an exhibitor at the 15th annual ADF & PCD (Aerosol & Dispensing Forum / Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design) Trade Fair, which took place in Paris on January 31, and February 1.

With 500 exhibitors and more than 6,000 attendees, this year’s show provided an incredible opportunity for Aptar Beauty + Home to connect with customers and fellow thought leaders, as well as share best practices related to the innovation and customization of distribution solutions.

Visitors to Aptar Beauty + Home’s interactive booth had the opportunity to explore four unique displays. Each display focused on a different area of Aptar’s expertise and was designed to mimic familiar beauty environments, including The Perfumery, The Bathroom Experience, The Lab, and The Hair Salon.

 The Hair Salon and The Bathroom Experience demonstrated how Aptar can help brands meet consumer demand for greater convenience and premiumization by showcasing Aptar innovations, including:   

  • Runway: An easy-to-use, dual action solution for aerosols that allows users to actuate the product vertically or via a trigger.
  • Proteo: A revolutionary dispensing system for personal care products with flexible packaging that slides open and close.
  • TES (Tamper Evident Seal): A new actuator system with a removable seal that prevents tampering and contamination.

The Lab introduced Star Drop, an alternative to the traditional dropper that enables controlled, intuitive application of liquid foundation.

The Perfumery demonstrated the joy of sampling fragrances by highlighting the Easy Clip Card and Imagin Connected solutions.

In addition to an exciting exhibit, Aptar’s ingenuity was recognized at the show. Chanel La Crème Main, which features Aptar’s patented airless dispensing solution, received the PCD Award (Premium Skincare category) for achievement in technological innovation.

The ADF & PCD award was given to Aptar for its Viktor & Rolf “La Fontaine” project, which was closely managed by Aptar and L’Oréal. “La Fontaine” is a filling system created by Techniplast and based on the Aptar VP4 pump.

Aptar was also recognized for its work on Clarins Double Serum and Kerastase Reflection Touches Chromatiques.

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February 20, 2018

Aptar Beauty + Home Creates the Sample of the Future for Yves Sai...

Why distribute a simple sample when you can offer consumers the total user experience through a packaging solution that revolutionizes the concept of try before you buy?

That’s the challenge that Aptar Beauty + Home met for Yves Saint Laurent by creating a miniature version of its Touche Eclat Cushion Foundation with Aptar’s Cosmin packaging. This travel-friendly sample offers a makeup experience comparable to using the full-size compact sold in stores.

By reproducing the product’s application experience on a smaller scale, Aptar Beauty + Home has transformed a promotional tool into an engaging experience that delivers Yves Saint Laurent’s luxurious, design-forward world to potential customers, staying true to the original product and offering an incentive to buy.

Cosmin is an alu/PET packaging solution perfectly tailored to the ultra-fluid formulas on the cushions market. It features an easy, ergonomic closing system that is practical, travel-friendly and reusable. Its expert applicator delivers just the right amount of product for perfect makeup results. Its flat, square format (70 x 70 mm) enables easy distribution in magazines, while its open card offers a large communication space for brands to promote their concept.

Aptar Beauty + Home & Connected Samples

Thanks to its exclusive partnership with MyPack Connect, Aptar Beauty + Home now offers 100% connected samples. Through an application or directly on Messenger, simply take a photo of your sample to access a content platform that presents videos, photos, a technical data sheet, a store locator tool and an e-shop. It provides a way for brands to more effectively assess consumer satisfaction, directly receive feedback about the product and meet the expectations of those who would like to receive a shade that more closely matches their skin tone. Aptar Beauty + Home also offers the Cosmin sample in a connected version.

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February 17, 2018

"I Love My Planet" Shower Gel by Yves Rocher, The New Challenge M...

To allow Yves Rocher to develop its ultra-concentrated I Love My Planet Shower Gel, Aptar Beauty + Home devised a custom SimpliSqueeze closure with superior dispensing control that improves consumer convenience and reduces environmental impact.

The challenge: Committed to biodiversity and environmental protection from the outset, the Yves Rocher Laboratory developed an ultra-concentrated shower gel formula aimed at reducing plastic packs and environmental impact.

The brand was looking for a suitable dispensing system that would prevent excessive use of the product by consumers who are not accustomed to this type of concentrated formula.

The solution: In collaboration with Yves Rocher, Aptar Beauty + Home developed a customized Snap Top closure assembled with our SimpliSqueeze silicone valve. The valve allows clean dispensing and prevents the formula from spilling and dripping.

Simply squeeze the bottle and the dispensing closure delivers just the right amount of shower gel – the consumer can dispense as much as they want, where they want. Releasing the pressure on the bottle ensures clean product cut-off and that no product is wasted. Additionally, the temperature resistance of the silicone valve guarantees superior dispensing control, even in the shower where temperature varies.

The result: A 100-ml  bottle of shower gel that offers 40 uses, which is as much as a 400-ml bottle…mission accomplished! As an extra bonus, the 100-ml size allows it to be carried in hand luggage on a plane.

And because this smaller bottle requires less plastic than a 400-ml bottle, it decreases the overall environmental footprint of the product. Reducing impact on the environment is of increasing concern to consumers, and a value held dear by the Yves Rocher brand. Aptar Beauty + Home helped successfully translate that priority through technological innovation.

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February 5, 2018

Aptar Beauty + Home: A Custom Partner for IOMA’s Personalized C...

Aptar Beauty + Home is pioneering personalized cosmetics by customizing its best-in-class packaging solution, Serumony, for IOMA, the expert in custom skincare.

IOMA In.Lab is a miniaturized laboratory that allows beauty consultants to specially formulate and dispense more than 40,000 possible combinations of MA CRÈME skincare treatment in just one minute. A new technology was needed to deliver a precise dose of the active ingredients, which is why IOMA chose Serumony by Aptar Beauty + Home. This revolutionary container can deliver hundreds of 0.07 ml microdoses with accuracy to the nearest 0.001 ml. Watch the video below to see IOMA In.Lab in action.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Serumony’s unique design eliminates waste by delivering a perfectly measured amount of product every time, all with the simple press of a button. And, thanks to its airless technology, Serumony’s watertight cylinder ensures the formula’s integrity remains intact over time. Its metal-free alpha70 pump guarantees compatibility between formula and pack, which helps preserve the effectiveness of active ingredients by reducing the possibility for metallic components to come in contact with the product.

With exceptional design, airless packaging and an innovative application method, Serumony meets IOMA’s unique needs and delivers a satisfying experience to its customers.

New experiences, new application rituals… Aptar Beauty + Home is driving the future of cosmetics through innovation. 

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December 11, 2017

Innovative New Packaging for Clarins Double Serum

Double Serum by Clarins is an iconic product, made up of the best scientific formulas including a double hydric and lipidic formula, highly concentrated in active plant ingredients, 20 in total, which gives skin effective anti-aging and radiance results. The Clarins product also features an innovative technological package to preserve these ingredients and optimize their effectiveness.

As an innovation developed exclusively for Clarins by Aptar Beauty + Home, following joint collaboration and research with the Clarins team, the new packaging provides a unique delivery system guaranteeing the purity of each formula. It triggers the mixing process and delivers, in a single pump, the right dose of the double skincare to apply to the face.

The push button can also be rotated to offer consumers a different dose to match their needs, while controlling the amount of the two formulas each time the product is used.

Cutting-edge synergy to enhance the consumer experience

By choosing Aptar Beauty + Home, Clarins relied on our innovative teams to enhance the Double Serum’s formula and we played an active part in this unique skincare product’s success.

Beauty experts, Clarins and Aptar Beauty + Home, have come together to allow consumers to enjoy a new beauty experience. In addition to its enchanting fragrance, its double formula offers an ultra-sensory cream/oil texture that makes application a delight.

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December 1, 2017

Luxe Pack 2017, an Innovation Showcase for Aptar Beauty + Home

At the Luxe Pack trade fair in Monaco, innovation and creativity were the key themes in the Aptar Beauty + Home booth and the result was a success. The 30th year of this annual fair was a milestone event for the world leader in the dispensing solutions sector for perfumery and cosmetics.

Aptar Beauty + Home attracted visitors to an elegantly designed booth with spaces dedicated to its new products and innovations. Hundreds of professionals from  around the world saw our innovations firsthand and were able meet the Beauty + Home team.

Four major innovations presented

  • Fragrance Master, a new perfume applicator with a calligraphic sensory feel: an elegant ‘perfume pen’ that delivers measured doses, Fragrance Master puts the thrill back into the perfuming experience.
  • Imagin Connected, a new digital experience with visual recognition: Aptar is establishing itself in the digital sector, in an exclusive partnership with the start-up company, MyPack Connect, particularly through Imagin connected’, an ultra-flat and resistant spray allowing brands to enjoy 4.0 sampling.
  • Neomix, a new vision of bespoke cosmetics: this all-new experience offers brands the possibility of personalizing their skincare formula or foundation by adding a booster presented in the form of a cartridge. The result? A single click to create a new bespoke product, adjusted to each skin type.
  • Twin Set, a 100% airless pack to customize: with this innovation, Aptar offers the possibility of combining a duo of packs created with two formulas of your choice. Any combination is possible, catering to every whim and fancy to obtain a super trendy ‘on-the-go’ product.

Interest from the media
To present these innovations to journalists, Aptar held a press conference that included both French and international professional press and coverage included interviews with Monégasque television, where two out of three subjects were devoted to the new products being presented by Aptar.

Aptar won the Formes de Luxe Award
As part of the trade fair, the Formes de Luxe Award was given to Aptar for its new product ‘Magnet Connect’. This travel bottle produced for Louis Vuitton originated in the brand’s request for an exclusive, luxury refill solution. Rising to the challenge, Aptar invented a magnetic connector that could clip onto each new refill in less than a second, and in an intuitive way for the user. Protected by two Aptar patents, this gem of technology ensures the unit is entirely leakproof.

Through this award, the judges wanted to recognise the product’s technological accomplishment and creativity, as well as its free-flowing elegance.

To view more highlights from Luxe Pack Monaco, we invite you to watch the video below.

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November 29, 2017

Aptar Beauty + Home Wins Indiastar 2017 Awards

Photo: (Left to Right) Sukesh Sheth (Aptar), Darpan Setia (Aptar), Kanwal Tikoo (Aptar), Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Shrivastava (Chairman, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board), Prof. (Dr.) N.C. Saha (Director, Indian Institute of Packaging), Ritu Mukherji (Aptar), Supriya Srivastava (Aptar)

Indiastar Awards is a respected and premier event for India’s Packaging industry. The awards, organized by the Indian Institute of Packaging, focuses on promoting and encouraging excellence in packaging design, innovation and technology. 

Aptar Beauty + Home, known globally as the leader in dispensing solutions, was awarded three Indiastar Awards at the prestigious event for category transforming innovations.

Aptar’s Bag-on-Valve Barrier Technology for Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water
Aptar Beauty + Home enabled Bio-essence to deliver pure spring water as fine mist continuous spray – through safer and more sustainable bag-on-valve technology for the new launch ‘Bio-essence Miracle Spring Water Spray’.

Aptar’s Sirena Actuator Technology for OXY99 Portable Oxygen
Aptar’s Sirena II actuator with tamper evidence feature was the perfect dispensing solution for OXY99 Portable Oxygen for instant relief from breathlessness. This mark’s Aptar’s foray into a new category. Notably, the Sirena actuator’s iconic design has become the core identity for the brand.

Aptar’s Moritz Twist-to-lock Actuator Technology – The Smart Choice
Packaging restaging of Emami HE and TTK Eva DEO range with Aptar’s Moritz twist-to-lock accessory has helped put the brands in a strong position. Aptar’s Moritz SMART accessory design is trendy, intuitive and secure.

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November 17, 2017

Viktor & Rolf Chooses Aptar Beauty + Home’s Note for its Flower...

With the Flowerbomb Twist Collection, Viktor & Rolf offers a new, more personal and more intimate dimension to its emblematic perfume by launching three unique layering oils, Flowerbomb Jasmine Twist, Flowerbomb Musk Twist and Flowerbomb Rose Twist, which allow you to customize Flowerbomb according to your mood.

With Note, Aptar Beauty + Home has reinvented a timeless, sophisticated and precise perfume ritual, a soft and measured application through which a drop of perfume can be easily and delicately placed at the desired pulse points. The cap includes a transparent applicator that fills automatically and the perfume is then deposited by capillarity in contact with the skin.

In choosing Aptar Beauty + Home’s Note, Viktor & Rolf transforms traditional perfume rituals into an exciting experience by simply applying a drop of one of the fragrances (rose, jasmine or musk) and then spraying a fine mist of the initial fragrance, Flowerbomb.

The Flowerbomb Twist Collection is already available in the US market.

Aptar Beauty + Home explores 1,001 ways of applying perfume through the Ritual Codex

* Delectly: (adj) characterizes a person who delicately targets areas, such as the back of the ears to the nape of the neck, the wrists, or the hollow of the elbow to retain the perfume. An obvious ‘delectly’ ritual.
* Frag-clouding: (verb) to create a fragrance cloud to better immerse one’s self in it so as to be fully permeated – a cloud nine effect.
* Swaporizing: (verb) to exchange perfume application with one or more people. Inspired by face swapping, this process is also known as scent-swapping.

* Definitions given on:

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October 30, 2017

Supersmile® Chooses Airless System from Aptar Beauty + Home

Aptar Beauty + Home featured on the new Supersmile® Extra White Toothpaste with an Aptar airless pump for a premium delivery system

Aptar’s 200 ml Macro Compact all-plastic airless dispensing system ensures formula purity, with soft actuation for an enriched consumer experience.

Invented by Dr. Irwin Smigel, world-renowned “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry”, the revolutionary Supersmile® Extra White Toothpaste has the highest
concentration of Calprox® – the unprecedented science behind Supersmile®.

Extra White features three times the level of Calprox®, a proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals, to whiten teeth up to nine shades
without causing sensitivity.

Aptar’s airless dispensers allow pure formula to be dispensed with ease and with precise dosage control. 360° technology allows consumer to dispense in
any position, with an excellent product evacuation rate.

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October 23, 2017

Visit Aptar Beauty + Home at Luxe Pack Monaco, October 2-4, 2017

Perfuming rituals, connected campaigns, customized formulas and a travel-friendly airless format are among the many Aptar innovations featured at Luxe Pack Monaco.

Explore 1,001 ways of applying perfume. With a wide experience and presence on every continent, Aptar has learned how to decipher perfuming rituals. These everyday steps are unique as they are shaped by the personality and culture of the perfume wearer, the circumstances under which it is applied and the type of perfume itself. Aptar has listed them in an unprecedented and poetic glossary. Visitors to Luxe Pack can familiarize themselves with the “Codex des Gestuelles” glossary associated with Aptar’s different packaging solutions.

Aptar: present in all markets, allowing for accurate, advanced knowledge on trends and consumer habits

A new digital experience. Aptar has established itself in the digital world, in partnership with the company MyPack Connect, with our Imagin sampling product. The aim is to offer brands a unique sample where, by simply scanning the object with a smart phone, consumers will have access to the brand or the product being launched. In return, Imagin Connected makes it possible to establish a relationship with consumers, along with measuring and boosting the impact of sampling campaigns. At Luxe Pack, Imagin Connected secrets and applications will be revealed in a dedicated space.

Aptar: a partner for decision makers in the fields of perfumery and cosmetics

Ultra-customization, the new beauty requirement. With a unique formula for each user, your consumers’ dream is now a reality. Developed by Aptar, the new Neomix experience offers brands the possibility of combining a booster with their skin care or make-up formula. Presented in a cartridge, it caters to every skin type, need or wish. The consumer can achieve a totally customized formula in one click, in a single pack. At Luxe Pack, Aptar’s ‘poetic laboratory’ will unveil Neomix, a new vision of bespoke cosmetics.

Aptar: a unique solution for each skin type

 You can now create a DIY airless version. As a leader in the airless systems market, Aptar is introducing an imaginative touch into its innovations with the creation of Twin Set, a smart and compact duo pack, created with two formulas of your choice. At Luxe Pack, brands are invited to create their own version: a travel format, beauty perfection, 2-in-1, mini treatment program, and more. Anything is possible!

Endless variations. The EvoClassic range is expanding to offer new customization options including new silver or gold, shiny or matte metal collars, a new pump design with round curves in a large selection of colors. Design is applied to every detail of the pack. At Luxe Pack, mix and match the different options to find a unique combination!

Aptar: a leader in packaging solutions able to meet consumer demands for safer products and formulas.

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September 29, 2017

Aptar Beauty + Home Launches ‘Le Codex des Gestuelles’ A New ...

Aptar Beauty + Home explores 1,001 ways to apply perfume

Aptar Beauty + Home has observed 1,001 ways to apply perfume around the world from Brazil to China to France to Saudi Arabia.

Daily fragrance rituals are more significant than they might seem. They are shaped by the personality and culture of the perfume user, the circumstances in which it is applied, and the very nature of the perfume itself.

For the first time, these perfume rituals have been brought together in the Codex des Gestuelles, a unique digital gallery highlighting the art of perfume.

We invite you to visit the Codex des Gestuelles gallery, which is currently in French and will be available in English by the end of September 2017.

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