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Aptar Food + Beverage Solution Wins Embanews Award in Brazil

On May 17, Embanews, a well-known Brazilian magazine, awarded Aptar’s Partial Lid Snap Top (33-450) with SimpliSqueeze® Valve with one of the most prestigious packaging award in Brazil: Roberto Hiraishi. Paired with an upside-down PET container for a major sauces & condiments brand in Brazil, the final product won the recognition under two categories: Structural Design and Technology & Quality.


The Partial Lip Snap-Top with SimpliSqueeze offers a convenient and clean application on inverted packaging, avoiding product splatter while allowing for a full product evacuation. The superior latch-bead design gives consumers the well-wanted audible click, reassuring the product has been released. “Our Polypropylene Partial Lid Snap Top (33-450) with SimpliSqueeze silicone valve has been specially developed to achieve maximum performance. The bottle, when tightened, propels the product through the hole in the cap, dispensing the correct amount and retaining the excess. It is the ‘pull it back’ effect that prevents splashing on the inner and outer faces of the lid, exclusively provided by the SimpliSqueeze silicone valve,” said Paulo Pazinatto, President of Aptar Food + Beverage for Latin America.

In addition, “The necessary force to dispense is ideal as it’s easy and intuitive for everyone including seniors and children,” explains Ana Toledo, Regional Market Development Manager for Aptar Food + Beverage in Latin America.

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Aptar Food + Beverage Wins Two Marking Awards at FBIF in China

On April 18, the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) announced the winners of the ‘Marking Awards’ in China. Commissioned by Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF), Marking Awards 2017 is a global packaging design competition which aims to gather world-class designers, promote creative and practical designs.

Out of the nearly 400 different packaging designs from 124 organizations worldwide, two Aptar Food + Beverage solutions, Hydrant and Versa Spout, received awards for the categories Technology and Functionality.

A jury of 24 selected professionals from top international brands and design institutes selected the best solutions, based on the following criteria: aspect of design, relevance, innovation, technology, utility and integrity, adherence to justice, fairness, openness, high standards, and internationalization.

Hydrant is a unique dispensing closure for large format PET bottled water. Hydrant features a handy and soft touch toggle and excellent system built in a two-piece closure (POE + PP) plus venting element. The visible non detachable tamper evident band within the overcap provides product and consumer safety. In addition, the soft POE material offers a simple and intuitive one-hand opening and dispensing, while the venting feature allows for a unique flow rate. Hydrant is a safer, easier, and more intuitive solution, for all ages.



Versa Spout is a unique, child-friendly pouch fitment with overcap. Its inner valve makes it easy and safer for toddlers to enjoy their favorite puree, apple sauce, pudding, yogurt and beverages. In addition to a visible tamper evidence feature, its unique child-friendly design meets international toy safety requirements, making it safer for little ones to handle. In addition, VersaSpout is convenient for on-the-go consumption on stand-up pouches. Its built-in SimpliSqueeze® valve technology allows for product flow control, allowing for a clean dispense every time!



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Aptar Food + Beverage Will Showcase the Latest in Pouch Innovations

Aptar Food + Beverage will be exhibiting pouch solutions at the Global Pouch Forum in Miami.


Aptar will be displaying their pouch dispensing solutions, which include inverted pouches, child-friendly spouts and closures, and one-piece dispensing spouts.

The latest Aptar pouch innovation is featured on the STANDCAP Pouch. The inverted pouch features a flip-top lid, tamper evident pull ring, and SimpliSqueeze® valve. This award-winning format has brought convenience, cleanliness, and product security to the packaging world. It is revolutionizing categories, and is proven through eye-tracking research to stand out on shelves, when compared with other packaging types.

Aptar’s one-piece dispensing spouts, EZ Pour and Quick Flip feature a flip-top lid, and built-in tamper evidence. These spouts are great for dry foods, such as sugars, cereals, and grains, and viscous foods, such as sauces and condiments.

The child-friendly spouts feature visual tamper evidence to promote safety for toddlers. For parents, the on-the-go convenience of pouches, coupled with Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve with its anti-spill feature leads to ease-of-use and less mess.


Visit us at Global Pouch Forum booth A44 to see all of these solutions, and more!

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VIDEO: Dispensing Salad Dressing 'The Aptar Way'

Improving the lives of consumers all over the world with innovative packaging is Aptar Food + Beverage’s passion and mission. For more than 30 years, Aptar has been recognized for helping brands revolutionize a variety of categories, and give consumers exciting new ways to access and dispense products.

Salad dressing is one example of a category that has been revolutionized by Aptar Food + Beverage. Solving consumers’ complaints about the lack of pour control and non-hygienic application of the traditional, non-dispensing package, Aptar’s flip-top closure gives consumers one-hand application convenience, and the SimpliSqueeze® Valve Technology allows them to control the amount of product being dispensed.  Watch the video below to find out how this combination creates an enjoyable experience, and avoids excess dressing being poured onto the salad, without the need for additional tools.

Watch the previously released videos in ‘The Aptar Way’ series to check out other categories such as Infant Formula, Sour Cream, Coffee, and Jelly & Jams, which have been revolutionized by Aptar Food + Beverage.

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VIDEO: Dispensing Jelly 'The Aptar Way'

Aptar Food + Beverage is passionate about creating innovative dispensing solutions to improve the lives of consumers around the world.

Jams and jellies is another category that has been revolutionized by Aptar. Whether consumers use it on their toast in the morning, crackers in the afternoon, or with their favorite peanut butter brand, spreading your favorite treat has never been so easy and convenient. Aptar’s Ultra Pour Spout RediSpread™ closure completely eliminates the need for utensils during product dispensing, creating a safe, hygienic and fun experience for consumers of all ages.

Watch the next video in ‘The Aptar Way’ series and see how this exciting Aptar innovation continues to gain the hearts of jelly lovers everywhere.

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Aptar – delivering solutions, shaping the future.

April 3, 2018

VIDEO: Infant Formula 'The Aptar Way'

Aptar Food + Beverage is passionate about creating innovative dispensing solutions to improve the lives of consumers around the world.

The next video of ‘The Aptar Way’ series shows how Aptar’s proprietary BAP® Technology enables greater hygiene, safety and convenience when preparing an infant formula bottle. This exciting solution engages consumers in a new packaging experience, and ultimately, drives brand loyalty.

  • Easy to open: The Plastic Pull Ring makes it easy and safe to remove the safety liner.
  • Easy to use: Aptar In-mold Scoop technology provides faster, more convenient and more hygienic dispensing than other solutions on the market. The scoop comes on top of the liner, integrated to the closure, while the Scoop Holder keeps it secure above the powder so the user never has to dig for it. That means no powder on the user’s hands, and most importantly, no contamination in the baby’s food.
  • Easy to dose: The scoop leveler makes it simple for care providers to ensure little ones receive the right amount of nutrition without the use of any additional tools.
  • Peace of mind: BAP® Safe and Fresh Seal provides a great sealing performance, maintaining product freshness and acting as a counterfeit deterrent by providing great tamper evidence, giving consumers and brand owners peace of mind that the product is safe.

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Aptar – delivering solutions, shaping the future!

February 28, 2018

VIDEO: Making a Latte 'The Aptar Way'

Delighting consumers through innovative packaging is the passion and mission of Aptar Food + Beverage. This time, Aptar is improving the lives of latte lovers!

The second video in ‘The Aptar Way’ series shows how our pressurized packaging with Aptar’s stock Athena accessory creates the perfect foamy latte in mere seconds. Besides being faster than the conventional way, Aptar’s solution eliminates the need for multiple tools, making it a fun, convenient, on-the-go experience, every time.

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January 23, 2018

VIDEO: Dispensing Sour Cream 'The Aptar Way'!

Aptar Food + Beverage defines ‘The Aptar Way’ as being short for “Disruptive innovation that delights consumers and shapes the future of packaging”. Innovation is in Aptar’s DNA, and it is our mission and passion to continue to help our customers grow and revolutionize the markets they serve.

In the first video of ‘The Aptar Way’ series by the Aptar Food + Beverage team, you will see how our pouch dispensing solution has turned the sour cream category upside down – literally! No more mess, no more struggle! Simply flip the cap open and enjoy a smooth dispense with the perfect product cutoff, and a fun application – every time!

Besides bringing a new level of convenience, this solution delivers an attractive and functional package that has won the hearts of sour cream consumers! As a result, Aptar’s innovative solution received recognition from some of the most prestigious awards in packaging: Ameristar, Brand Packaging, Caps & Closures, DuPont, and WorldStar.

Watch the video to see how the ‘The Aptar Way’ is shaping the future of packaging!

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November 22, 2017

Aptar Querétaro Named 2016 Trusted Supplier by Mega Alimentos

Aptar’s customer, Mega Alimentos, recently held an event to award their 2016 Trusted Suppliers at their headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico. Aptar’s facility in Querétaro was awarded for high quality standards, including logistics and operations, delivery and customer service.

Aptar’s representatives who were in attendance to recieve this recognition on behalf of the company were Patricia Garza, Continuous Improvement and Quality Leader, and Yessica Palencia, Customer Service Executive working with Mega Alimentos.

“We are proud to have been part of this event where we talked about a ‘win-win’ strategy, not just as a supplier, but as a business partner,” said Patricia Garza.

This type of award brings Aptar closer to our customers and suppliers, and supports our continued commitment to delivering the highest quality in terms of products and services.

Mega Alimentos leveraged Aptar’s 38-400 Classic ReadiSpread and Customized 28mm Snap On solutions to delight their consumers with innovative packaging.

To learn more about Aptar’s innovate solutions, technologies, and services visit our website, or send us an email.









VIDEO: Aptar Food + Beverage, Delighting Consumers with Innovativ...

Aptar Food + Beverage’s products are designed to delight consumers with a superior packaging experience, while improving their lives through innovative dispensing solutions. Millions of people around the world rely on our technologies to dispense the products they use every day. We invite you to watch the below video and learn more about our product creation process, as well as Aptar’s innovative solutions.

Aptar Food + Beverage is your partner on delivering solutions that shape the future of packaging.

October 13, 2017

33-400 Directional Snap Top with .187 Orifice

Aptar’s 33-400 Directional Snap Top closure is now available with a .187 orifice.  With the .250 orifice already production ready, the .187 orifice has been added to allow for more controlled dispensing of products with thinner viscosities.

The 33-400 Directional Snap Top has an up-to-date design to enhance shelf appeal, while the contoured lid signals directionality on the store shelf.

The 2-1/8” Ecolite closure comes equipped with Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve technology to provide consumers with a clean and controlled dispense every time.

A raised pouring lip ensures that the product will have precise dispensing and clean cut-off. The elongated and contoured spout helps improve directionality, while the stay-clean lid opens wide and stays open to ensure a clean, no-hassle dispense.

If you would like to know more about the Ecolite closure, please email or visit our website

October 10, 2017

Aptar Launches a 2-1/8” Ecolite Closure with SimpliSqueeze® Va...

Aptar has launched a new closure for the food market called the 2-1/8” 33-400 Ecolite closure with SimpliSqueeze® valve.

Ecolite shares its design with Aptar’s 2-1/8” Ribbed closure, but with a 14% decrease in total weight. This decrease in weight allows us to remain competitively priced in the market, while also delivering on the sustainability goals of our customers.

Ecolite features a wide 2-1/8” diameter lid to allow packages to be inverted and remain stable when not in use.  Inverted applications provide the ultimate in consumer convenience, as the product is always ready to dispense.

The 2-1/8” Ecolite closure comes equipped with Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze valve technology to provide consumers with a clean and controlled dispense every time.

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October 5, 2017

Aptar Food + Beverage Exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing Dubai

Aptar Food + Beverage is passionate about delighting consumers and improving lives with innovative packaging. At Gulfood Manufacturing, Aptar invites you to take a closer look at our latest innovations, including QuickFlip and the 38-400 Royal Snap Top.

The Quick Flip dispensing spout brings consumers a superior packaging experience. This fun to use solution features a visual tamper evident band that promotes product safety. The 38-400 Royal Snap Top brings excitement to the shelves with a unique and premium look. Both Quick Flip and Royal deliver controlled and clean product dispense, using Aptar’s proprietary SimplieSqueeze® valve technology. Quick Flip and Royal are great for your sauces, toppings and spreads.

Gulfood Manufacturing is the region’s largest Food and Beverage processing industry event, taking place October 31- November 2, 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. This exhibition brings together the entire packaging industry, showcasing the latest innovations, new technologies, as well as addressing new market trends to its 35,000+ visitors from over 60 different countries.

Plan your visit today! Register for free and visit us at stand A2-14. Contact us at if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting during the trade show.

We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!

Aptar Food + Beverage Redesigns its Polka Dispensing Closure, Bri...

Aptar’s 38-400 closure solution called Polka has been redesigned to give the sauces and condiments consumers a more convenient and exciting experience. Its patented finger recess, combined with an innovative high resistance hinge, will amaze consumers on how easy it is to open. In addition, Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve technology, well-known for revolutionizing the sauces market worldwide, provides non-drip and non-mess dispensing and gives consumers the easy squeeze they crave.

Polka is equipped with drain holes, making it suitable for different filling processes, including hot filling. Request your Polka samples today through our website or contact us for additional information.


Aptar Food + Beverage is passionate about delighting consumers and improve lives through innovative packaging. Learn more about Aptar’s innovations at

September 28, 2017

Aptar Launches EZ Pour Spouts for an Enhanced Consumer Experience

Aptar is excited to announce the launch of EZ Pour, a one-piece, dispensing spout designed to bring functionality and convenience to dry food products such as candy, granular and powder products, seasonings, pet food and snack foods.

The EZ Pour spout features a convenient flip-lid for easy access and resealability, and offers consumers a controlled, directional pour. The spout also features a built-in tamper evident pull ring, providing consumers with peace of mind by alerting them of any product tampering prior to use.

The EZ Pour spout was developed to improve user experience over current flexible packaging closures, offering a concise pour without the mess. Many flexible pouches on shelves today use zippers or sliders, which do not allow an easy pour.

To learn more about our EZ Pour pouch spout, or any of Aptar’s other stock solutions, please email or visit

September 26, 2017

New STANDCAP Pouch Featuring Aptar’s Sierra Closure

Aptar is excited to launch Sierra, our new, inverted pouch dispensing solution for the STANDCAP Pouch, which brings differentiation and increased functionality to the market. This innovative packaging format offers heightened shelf visibility for brands and a superior packaging experience for consumers. The package provides 99% product evacuation, and eliminates the need for utensils, creating less mess when dispensing. The unique closure and pouch design make this package easy and convenient to store. The STANDCAP Pouch is a great solution for food products like dairy, sauces and condiments, spreads, jellies, honey and salad dressing. It can also be used for beauty and home products such as lotions, shampoo and conditioners, sun care, dish care and automotive.

The Sierra closure by Aptar features a flip-lid with a customizable SimpliSqueeze® valve, which provides controlled dispensing and a clean product cut off. The closure allows for convenient, one-handed opening and closing, and offers stability for the entire package. Additionally, the solution features a built-in, tamper evident pull-ring, aiding in product freshness and safety.

To give customers access to this complete, turnkey solution, Aptar has partnered with Glenroy as the premade pouch supplier. Glenroy leverages Volpak’s converting technology to deliver STANDCAP as a premade pouch, and Viking Masek as the provider of fill and seal equipment.

Featured at PackExpo Las Vegas, September 25-27, Aptar invites you to visit Volpak (C-3800) and Viking Masek (C-5422) to see the new STANDCAP Pouch, featuring Sierra by Aptar!

To learn more about Aptar’s solutions for the STANDCAP Pouch, contact us at

September 25, 2017

Award-Winning Daisy Sour Cream Package

Aptar’s revolutionary dispensing solution made the Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream pouch a sure winner in innovative packaging.

Since the launch of Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream two years ago, the pouch has won numerous awards for its innovative technology and revolutionary design. The awards have ranged from regional to global, and include some of the most prestigious packaging awards: Ameristar, Brand Packaging, Caps & Closures, DuPont and WorldStar. For each award, the package was judged against various criteria, ranging from sustainability, to packaging innovation, to consumer convenience.

The packaging features an inverted pouch with a dispensing solution by Aptar, which includes a tamper evident pull ring, and a custom closure with valve. The built-in tamper evidence gives consumers a sense of safety and freshness, while the flip lid closure and large valve provide convenience and control when dispensing. This combination, along with the revolutionary inverted pouch format for this category, made Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream a sure winner in innovative packaging.

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June 14, 2017

Quick Flip by Aptar: The Next Generation in Flexible Dispensing

Aptar is excited to announce Quick Flip, a spout solution that has been designed with improved convenience and cleanliness for the stand-up pouch consumer.

This one piece solution featuring a tamper evident tear band is intuitive, easy to use and enables one-handed convenience with its flip-top lid.  The design directly improves the consumer experience by eliminating the need for a liner, while giving consumers the confidence that the lid is closed with an audible “click”. This innovative solution can be combined with Aptar’s proprietary valve technology, SimpliSqueeze®, to create the perfect flow control. While providing consumers with an accurate dispense, SimpliSqueeze® also helps to keep the package clean by offering product cut-off, and preventing product build-up around the spout area.

With its unique design, Quick Flip promotes product differentiation, making the packaging stand-out on the shelves and effectively attracting consumers’ attention. Key food categories that benefit from using the Quick Flip spout include: sauces and condiments, jams and honey, among other product categories.

For more information on Quick Flip or other Aptar solutions, please visit or send an email to or

April 13, 2017

The BAP® Experience: Excite, Engage, Repeat

Aptar’s BAP® (Bonded Aluminum to Plastic) technology delivers the ultimate packaging experience that can drive repeat purchases

Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal of brand owners around the globe, but it is not always easy to achieve. Often, brand owners believe that using innovation to create a differentiated package that stands out and attracts consumers’ attention, might be enough to establish a long-term relationship with the brand. However, differentiation is only the first piece of the puzzle.

To truly conquer consumers’ hearts and loyalty, innovation also needs to deliver an enjoyable experience that makes them remember your product. This second piece of the puzzle, a memorable and positive experience, is ultimately what creates an emotional connection between consumers and your brand, making them crave that experience again and again.

This is exactly what BAP® does. No matter what market you are in, BAP® creates exciting opportunities to accentuate your brand, engaging consumers with a unique and enjoyable experience, and driving repeat purchases.

Discover “The BAP® Experience” at or contact us at to learn more about BAP®. We also invite you to watch the following video about the BAP® Experience.

April 6, 2017

New International Delight One Touch Latte

A Frothing Coffee Creamer Experience from International Delight!


WhiteWave Foods partnered with Aptar Food + Beverage to create an innovative package format for their International Delight coffee creamer brand. Their new, One Touch Latte brings the café latte experience right into your home.

This new package uses Aptar’s new, stock Athena accessory and valve.  By simply pressing the actuator, it creates a frothing effect when dispensed directly into coffee. This provides a unique dispensing feature to enhance consumers’ overall latte experience without the need of expensive and complex latte machines. Try International Delights’ exciting new One Touch Latte coffee creamer package and share in the fun of transforming your daily coffee routine.

If you would like to know more about the Athena accessory, or other Aptar solutions, please email

March 15, 2017